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Postby garyd1951 » 13 Oct 2022, 13:57

Hello, I'm new. I'm 70 yrs. old and been suffering for this is my 9th mo. DR. says an anal ulcer in canal. OK, makes sense to what I am feeling. gave miralax and hydrocortisone supp's. can't tell a great deal of improvement. I think my anger is with medical est. in general. I like the guy, but I have NO DOUBT that on follow up visit and I claim little results, he is gonna pass me off like a BIG FART. I am not confident that he or any physician will take seriously the discomfort I am experiencing. I try desperately to believe. I fear that ultimately they will smile apologetically and say try more sitz baths, hell I can't stay in the tub. Gotta life to live. Moisturizing cream seems to be my only real friend these days, and my wife of course. Can't say the hydro supp's are doing much. I'm on them for a month. I get 1 good day and 2 bad ones. Ready to tear my hair out. I use lidocaine cream also simply as an an attempt to sort of numb the problem. Your comments are helping me realize that I'm not the only 1 with a pain in the ASS. I am desperate to see a DR. that says I'll stick with you and help, not grin with an apology for your pain. Thanks for listening. Glad to be here.
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Re: new to forum

Postby misterouch » 11 Dec 2022, 12:27

Hi Gary,

Yeah, it’s hard to find confidence in the medical establishment these days!
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Re: new to forum

Postby Rich44 » 20 Dec 2022, 18:48

Gary, everyone has had experiences with doctors they may not be thrilled with but I can tell you I have had AMAZING doctors as well.

My colorectal surgeon took care of my fissure issue in 2020 and I've been having pain free, normal BMs every since. Turns out he was the head of the department at the hospital and an expert in microsurgery. The surgeon I had do my hernias this year was great as well. Doctors are never going to be perfect - there are simply too many things that can go wrong so you have to cut them some slack (though some can be lousy). Ironically my GP is retiring after I've been going to him for over 30 years so I need to find another. I have two highly recommended ones to choose from.

As to your issue. Millions have had this issue around the world. Stop doing sitz baths in the tub! Get one for the toilet. It's night and day easier! I even travel with it - not to treat my fissure but in case I have a small one or simply irritation. It's a life saver for comfort as so many hotels don't have tubs anymore.

I warn you now - if you can't treat this ON YOUR OWN they will not be able to do much for you other than LIS surgery (which saved my ass!) so stop playing the victim/all doctors suck card. They cannot perform miracles when it comes to anal fissures. Think about it - an open sore that bleeds that FECES rubs against all the time. That's where having the best colorectal surgeon around was the guy I wanted doing this. No general surgeon was touching me!
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