New: Visiting the doctor... :sigh:

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New: Visiting the doctor... :sigh:

Postby georgeillustration » 01 Jan 2014, 09:22

Hey I'm new here

I've had lots of Fissures in the past they come and go but my latest problem has me looking for people to talk to. At least every month i get horrible soreness and itchy feeling just after a BM and I can feel a lump just inside my anus. It's been there for years and I don't think it's a hemorrhoid. I'm going to go visit the doctor for a third time but previously they have just shrugged my off not taking me seriously at all but it's becoming a real problem. I've got lots of things coming up in my life this year (teaching degree ect) and I don't want this problem or a fissure hanging over me.

What can I say to the doctors to take this more seriously, it's embarrassing enough having to go but when they think you're being a whip about it... I would ideally like to be sent to a specialist at the hospital so they can tell me exactly what is wrong with me and i can get the correct treatment. I have done all the usual like a big change in diet and lots of fiber and it has helped but the problem is still there. Feeling a bit down and beaten... :dunno:

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Re: New: Visiting the doctor... :sigh:

Postby Poo-ologist » 01 Jan 2014, 12:30

Hi George,

:wel: My advice is to just go for it & be persistant! If the first Dr. doesn't seem sympathetic then see another & continue to see as many as it takes to get your concerns answered! I know that it can be hard to find genuinely concerned practictioners but they are out there. I have learnt this from experience & fortunately didn't give up on myself when everyone else did. I was heading down a bad road & it could've ended up a lot worse for me if I'd given up.

At the end of the day it's your body, you know within yourself what feels right & wrong & you owe it to yourself to get some answers. If you don't push & pursue your concerns, who will?

Hoping you find the answers you seek & wishing you well!

Poo-oligist :)
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