Newbie with Hems

I'm new here, I've recently had very inflamed, painful hemorrhoids.

Please come in! Start your own personal thread, tell us a bit about yourself...and your fissure, of course. Welcome!

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Newbie with Hems

Postby Cottontail » 04 Apr 2017, 03:07

Hi folks,
Thanks for being here!

I'm a 46yo woman. I've had hemorrhoids for almost thirty years. I'm guessing they're due mostly to diet and medications causing chronic constipation, which in turn caused a lot of straining and long times on the toilet.

I have just recently begin having anal sex (receiving penetration), and it has indeed inflamed my hemorrhoids :groan: but I don't want to stop because it feels so :naughty: good and I also want to please :heart: my Dom.

I've recently been prescribed hydrocortisone cream with the directions to "insert one applicator full nightly", for five nights, but the pharmacist (I'm in the USA) said they cream is not for internal use and therefore doesn't have an applicator.

I've been using an oral medication syringe, and because I've been having anal sex, it's been easier to insert into my rectum than I thought it would be, seeing as the syringe isn't tapered.

I'm looking for a one time use tapered syringe without a needle that holds about 6 mL. I've searched the net, and I haven't found anything that seems suitable. I would also like to find a tapered 10mL syringe for one time use to insert lube into the rectum before anal sex. "Lube shooters" cost about $8 each and do not look hygienic for reuse as they look almost impossible to clean.

Also, ***what does it take to convince a general practitioner to authorize a referral to a specialist?***
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