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No spasms?

Postby JulsPain » 27 Jun 2019, 12:00


I’ve been battling this fissure for about 9 months now although I first noticed minor bleeding almost 2 years ago.

I have a sentinel pile which started bothering me back around October. It would get super irrtated, swollen and hard. I also had extreme itching especially when walking, and burning/pain when using the bathroom.

Lately I’ve been using a lidocaine cream and stool softeners but still have bleeding every other day or so. I used to have the bleeding every day.

The itching is still there, and lots of discomfort when my underwear runs against the tag, but through all of this I’ve hardly experienced ANY spasms?

Maybe a couple here and there but they are super minor and not to the point where they bring me to tears as many people on here have described.

My CRS did say I am super tight down there and probably do have the spasms, but I’ve just been dealing with this for so long that I don’t notice them?

But the thing is, I do have tiny spasms maybe for 1 second out of the day, and I do notice it, but it’s probably the aspect of this that bothers me the least.

I’d say the most pain and discomfort comes from the tag. I think my fissure isn’t too far in because my CRS hardly had to do any spreading or searching to see the fissure so I think that’s why the tag causes so much pain, because my fissure is SO close to the outside.

Not sure if this warrants having surgery as it seems that a lot of people on here are in a lot more pain than I am. My doctor joked that I seem like someone who handles pain easily and tend to ignore the pain due to being busy but I actually freak out over any minor medical thing and it always causes me anxiety, I’m just good at hiding it.

If I’m not having major spasms, I’m wary about the suggested LIS because I don’t want to cut if it’s not needed. Anyone else in the same boat?

When I was diagnosed with hemorrhoids instead of a fissure ( first surgeon didn’t even notice the fissure) I was told I have both internal and external. Could it be that a lot of the pain is coming from the internal hemorrhoids? CRS #2 hasn’t taken a look inside since she found the fissure, so I’m not really sure what’s going on. She suggested LIS if the cream doesn’t work as I 100% have a fissure, but shouldn’t she take a look internally too before I proceed with LIS?
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Re: No spasms?

Postby Tryingtorelax » 27 Jun 2019, 22:14

I wish I could give you a definitive answer. I am only 10 days post op and I’m doing really well. The positive is that I was in major pain before the surgery and now I’m not. The negative is that despite the surgery and the possible/probable healing I think I will forever worry about the fissures (I have multiple) coming back.
Some people live with fissures for years. They manage it. For some people the pain and exhausting routines are too much.
My doctor told my husband after the surgery that my fissures would not have healed without the surgery. I was very tight.
It’s a lot to think about and a tough decision. I will pray that you are guided in the right direction.
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