Now boarding the healing train!

My diet heavy healing process

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Now boarding the healing train!

Postby Jayton » 20 Jul 2016, 08:50

I made my first post here a little over a month ago and I remember how hopeless I felt about my situation. I mostly read the success stories because they gave me options and a reason to believe things would get better. Long behold, things did get better and now I'm posting here.

I did everything the doctor said: Used an off brand Metamucil twice a day (tried Miralax but didn't seem to do anything for me), took a stool softener (Sodium Ducosate) at night, and used Diltazem HCL 3 times a day. I'm sure those helped but without diet I honestly do not think anything would have changed. Quick shout out to Healingthroughdiet: your username is awesome and I think we're all trying to heal this way. Hope you're doing well!

My diet is strict and I am probably being too cautious but I have no desire to feel that type of pain again. I stopped eating meat but I still have dairy. Lots of fruits (I prefer green apples, plums, and bananas), veggies (been enjoying squash, broccoli, and cauliflower a lot lately), and beans. I never really enjoying cooking but I have been having lots of fun cooking vegetarian recipes.

Within three days of this diet I noticed a difference. Within two weeks I felt normal again. I've had some setbacks days after a night of drinking. But I'm getting better at not sacrificing my diet for others. If I have to leave a party to eat veggies at a restaurant I will. I still think about my poop but I don't feel anxious when I have to go. I'm maintaining my routine until I visit my doctor again in August.

Side note: I was diagnosed with hemorrhoids before it eventually turned into an anal fissure. When I look in the mirror and push I can see two pieces of 'meat' show up. Sometimes my stool will hurt it when passing but it pales in comparison to AF pain. Just wondering if hemorrhoids eventually go away on their own or if this is another battle I'll have to fight.
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Re: Now boarding the healing train!

Postby Healingthroughdiet » 20 Jul 2016, 18:10

Hi Jayton ! Yay for you and couldn't agree with you more. I think my Botox helped speed things up but the most lasting contribution to healing has been watching everything that enters my mouth ( and keeping in mind it's exit path ;) lentils help me a great deal. I loved spicy food but it's a thing of the past now. I am into yoga now and have learned the concept of sattvic food - bland and natural. And yes for me cooking them helps - seems to make things softer so I don't have to chew too much . I also started adding olive oil as Roseya and Canadabum suggested. I am not fully healed but as I read through my diary I have made much progress with this diet . Also reduction in pain and eliminating the spicy foods has just made me a calmer me.
Best wishes
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