Often feel like I need to fart or BM when I sit in a chair

Feeling of needing to BM or fart while sitting

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Often feel like I need to fart or BM when I sit in a chair

Postby Cporosus1 » 31 Jul 2015, 07:58

Hello everyone,

I have been on this forum before talking about my past fistula operation and recovery. I am about 7 month post-op and, thus far, all is well. However, I have had a problem for many years that I am wondering if anyone could help me with. I often sit for long periods doing statistical analysis, etc. and I often feel like I need to fart or poop if I sit for extended periods. This becomes quite annoying at meetings or while working. I even sometimes have the problem while walking around (it typically vanishes while I am doing high-intensity exercise). I usually cant actually poop when this happens, I usually just let out a big fart (but obviously I can't constantly be doing this in public and I can't imagine its great from a hygienic perspective to be farting constantly while sitting, making it all damp and unpleasant "down there". I don't get cramps or pain and my BMs (I have between 2-3 per day) usually look well-formed and normal, but its still very annoying (particularly with that extra pressure pushing on my fistulotomy scar). I looked to my diet at first and I immediately lowered my caffeine intake (I WAS drinking the equivalent of 4 large black iced coffees per day) and I have been taking metamucil since after my fistulotomy. I have found the mixing turmeric with black pepper and drinking it sometimes helps. Does anyone else have a similar problem?
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Re: Often feel like I need to fart or BM when I sit in a cha

Postby bumbumsong » 31 Jul 2015, 23:07

Weird thing is with my anal fissure, I feel I need to fart more often too. I can't explain why. I have the same thing though, when I'm up and moving it's not so bad. Maybe it's all the fiber we eat/drink?

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