Olive Oil !!! (((WoooW))))

Nothing else helped until.....

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Olive Oil !!! (((WoooW))))

Postby Deleted User 4131 » 12 Mar 2015, 09:41

Lets try this again: Posted this about a week ago but it disapeared
soon after I left; guess I have to stick around for a response.


Been a AF sufferer for years, and as of late
had it under control with for a good while
until some nasty irratation set in. No new AF
developed but it was very tender to the touch
just pressing my finger around the outside
and part wayup inside the anus.

In the past after a bout with AF this lingering
irratation would always go away with the fissure.
But not this time. I tried all my old tricks like
witch hazel, hemmeroidal creams, vitamins, juicing
all to no avail.

Although my stools were soft during this time I still
could not rid myself of this lingering irritation.
I was afraid I might be developing something chronic
like ibs.

Thats when I went headstrong into researching again
what I may be doing wrong or missing in my attack on AF.
I have always heard of the benefits of olive oil,
especially for keeping the stools softs but never tried
it myself. After I started researching the oil I became
more and more impressedby its overall benefits.

I never realized olive oil was so good as an antioxidant
and for fighting "free radicals". I figured that is what
was going on in my butt: toxins and free radicals were
having a "field day" down there keeping me from totally

So, out to the local grocery I went. Mind you, here
in the states Olive oil is not strickly regulated like
in other countries so that the "extra virgin" label may
not be truly extra virgin at all.

Thankfully though research showed that there is a
special seal placed on some bottles that tells you that
the oil is indeed extra virgin.

So I got one bottle of this genuine EV oil for
the antioxidant potency to apply to my butt and I
got the cheaper type to take internally to keep
stools soft.

WoooW, Just a few days after applying the oil every
night I noticed slightly less tenderness to the touch
down there as I pressed around my anus area with my

So I kept applying it, although it was taking longer
than I would have liked; each day there seemed
to be a slight improvement and a little less pain to
the touch.

While I was and am applying it to my bum each night
and day I am also appling it liberally to all my
meals. I use a butter spritzer and spray it al over
my foods and also put a couple of tablspoons
in my beverages.

They say 1 or 2 tablespoon is the daily allowance
but I far ecxeed that amount by several more
tablespoons (probably 2 or three times as much).
And I've actually lost a few lbs. Please consult
with your health care provider on the right amounts
to take, though for me I've seen no adverse effects
with upping the amount 3x.

I think like Miralax etc, theres a sweet spot amount
for each person that youll only find through trail and
error. My stools stay nice and soft if not on the runny
side, so I'm still tweaking the amounts myself.
I also believe the benefits of olive oil like some
medecines is cumulative, i.e. the longer you use it
the better.

It took a good month and a half for all
the tenderness to the touch to totally dissapear
down there in my anus. I am now totally pain free
again and singing the praises of this simple remedy.
I know most of you here are much worse off than me
but hopefully introducing this remedy arsenal into
your regime may help your symptoms. Be patient dont
give up, good luck to all of you.

I am almost afraid to stop applying it externally
to my bum in fear that the tenderness will creep
back in, so for the next several weeks if not months
will keep applying it if not everyday at least
every other day. I will come back several months later
with an update.....take care

P.S. I applied the oil with my finger well up the anus
I know many cant do this so try using a syring or other
similar type applicator... gl
Deleted User 4131

Re: Olive Oil !!! (((WoooW))))

Postby Savaici » 12 Mar 2015, 20:22

I used olive oil (organic) on/in my food, and it really helped me. On my rear I mostly used Vaseline after trying a lot of other things. As with others here, spent a fortune on different substances for relief.
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Re: Olive Oil !!! (((WoooW))))

Postby Scientist2516 » 12 Mar 2015, 20:25

Yay for you! Great news that olive oil helped you. Thanks for telling us about your experience.
Nifedipine/lidocaine, no help
Diltiazem, effective, but caused major rash
Nitroglycerine, effective.
Topical estrogen for final healing.
Gentle heat to bottom - pain relief, muscle relaxant
Kondremul mineral oil
Time - lots of time.
Status - Healed!
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Re: Olive Oil !!! (((WoooW))))

Postby Deleted User 4131 » 13 Mar 2015, 10:13

Hey thanks Savaici for the quick response. Maybe if you give Oo a try
down there it will yield better results. Try it, be patient it may take time.

Hey Scientist thanks for your response too, good to hear your more or less
healed, maybe the "less" can be helped along with some tlc with the Oo.

gl to the both of you......
Deleted User 4131

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