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Postby Yikesthepain » 19 Aug 2017, 01:32

Hi my name is Katy. I am 60 years old and have 2 internal fissures. I am currently in remission from cancer and after surgery I couldn't eat for months because I had rerouted colon to remove cancer. Anyway , when I started eating again I have chronic bowel movements alternating with diareahha. My bowels had been shut down for over a year. After starting to have bm's again after all this time I developed internal fissures. Omg! This is the worst pain I've had in my life! After a bowel movement I have to take a Percocet and an OxyContin to relieve the pain. The problem is each bm brings a fresh round of pain. And the bm's are sometimes every hour.
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Postby LemonMan » 19 Aug 2017, 06:14

Hi Katy,
Sounds like you have been through a lot!

Sorry to hear you are in so much pain. This can be a lot to deal with and many people here know what you are going through with regard to fissures.
There is a lot of good advice here so I would read as much as you can on the site. Everyone is different and some things work for some and not for others. However generally in order to reduce the pain you need to stop your sphincter from going into spasm. You also need to increase blood flow to the area to help with healing.

Ways to do this include heat (hot baths, sitz baths, heat pads etc) and topical creams/ointments - e.g. diltiazem, Glyceryl trinitrate (GTN), etc.

In most cases diltiazem/GTN/ will stop spasms by relaxing the anal canal. This will at least get you out of pain, and then you can focus on healing. There are some side effects for some, such as itching and headaches, but hopefully you'll be okay.

Good luck, LemonMan
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Postby Mypoorbutt » 19 Aug 2017, 13:33

Oh goodness it's sounds like you have been through a lot.
Fissures are hell I got mine after years of diarrhoea due to crohns and IBS. If you can before you have a BM try and put a barrier cream up there to stop the diarrhoea burning the skin and causing irritation. A hot sitz bath after a BM helps with spasms. Like LM says GTN is great and really took the edge off my spasms, also see if your doc will prescribe gabapentin to help with the pain as opiate based painkillers did absolutely nothing to help my spasms but gabapentin really does help

I don't know if after your op your able to take any meds that slow transit down like loperamide but maybe you could ask about that too as it's really hard going to the toilet that often and getting the fissure to heal. I sometimes have to take 8 loperamide a day but obvs I haven't had any ops.
Really good luck
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