Painless Spasms

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Painless Spasms

Postby SandyJup » 04 Jun 2018, 16:13

Hey everyone, this is my first post here. I've been battling with hemorrhoids and multiple fissures for around 8 months now, and I've found myself in a situation I don't quite understand.

For the last 6 or so months, I've been having spasms in my bum (I'm not sure if you'd call them rectal spasms or what). However, these do not hurt. I used to have somewhat random sharp and dull pains separate from the spasms, but at this point there's no more pain, just spasms. For the first few months, the spasms were all day every day, and pretty intense but painless. Within the last couple months I had two instances where for a week the spasms would go away, and then come back one day for reasons I'm not sure of.

Just recently, I had about a week of no spasms again, but the spasms came back full force today. Leading up to the week of no spasms, the spasms are more of just like flutters and slight twitches instead for a few days. Months ago I was prescribed diltiazem ointment, but that seemed to make no difference, so I've just been taking sitz bathes once every day or so. During the time of no regular spasms, I've noticed that when I really need to have a BM, I'll get some slight spasms, but the spasms will stop after having the BM. I'm really not sure how that works.

Right now, I'm just at a bit of a loss as to where I am in terms of progress, and what I can do to keep the spasms away. Does anyone have any advice or experience with painless spasms that they can share with me? I'm still not sure why these spasms happen, given that they seem to be triggered by various things that I'm having trouble correlating.
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Re: Painless Spasms

Postby Deleted User 7114 » 13 Jun 2018, 07:36

Hi Sandy,

First off, I'm glad that you are not in pain. That's one major hurdle out of the way. I'm not sure about the painless spasms. The only thing I could suggest is what you do already - take warm/hot sitz baths several times a day. I find that sitz baths are the single most effective and immediate solution to stopping spasms.

Other than that, I'd just suggest doing what you are probably doing already and what the rest of us do, which is eating a diet that allows you to have soft stools and means that you never have to strain on the toilet. You sound like you are beating your fissures, but need to keep on top of treating them.

If you are having spasms before a BM, you could try taking a sitz bath before the BM to calm the muscles down. That's what I do. It also helps reduce the pain of the BM somewhat.

Good luck and I hope someone else who has had experience with this can help you better.
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Re: Painless Spasms

Postby mike1971 » 13 Jun 2018, 11:20

I've seen my surgeon for recurring daily pain and he's told me I have thrombosis hemorrhoids. I've been having this pain for 4 months now. I don't hurt on bowel movements but several hours later (6 or 7) the slow achy burning pain sets in around my pooper for 5 hours or so. Then it let's off....only to go through the same the following day.

My surgeon prescribed Anuspl HC and sitz baths. Been doing the sitz twice a day for 3 months now......applying the cream for 2 weeks. No relief.

Does anyone know if a hemorrhoid flare acts up like this for hours each day and lasts for months?!

I'm at wits end. Help.
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