Post lis - sticky soft stools? Miralax?

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Post lis - sticky soft stools? Miralax?

Postby Jimoffy » 03 Sep 2019, 20:08

Hey guys so I had lis 2 months ago, and I’m glad to say from about 3 days ago I’m feeling 100% fine, can pass wide dry stools now with no pain. I feel back to normal. My question is, I still do take miralax every second day or so to make sure my stools don’t stay too dry, but I’m having this problem where I am having real sticky bulky poops, which sometimes don’t come out at once. I often find myself going back to the bathroom 30 min after I’ve already gone. I’m worried I may have Crohn’s disease or something. I’ve had a colonoscopy a couple years ago and was all clear when I first got my fissure, but something just doesn’t seem right... any other ibd sufferers have sticky stools that are hard to wipe and flush? I don’t have stomach pains or anything... and I wouldn’t call it diarrhea, it doesn’t discolour the water or anything.. I’d say it’s almost like McDonald’s ice cream consistency lol, but definitely not really formed....
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Re: Post lis - sticky soft stools? Miralax?

Postby berzerker5220 » 04 Sep 2019, 18:29

Sticky shit is a result of sugar and or milk.
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