Are all fissures visible? Or did I just get unlucky?

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Are all fissures visible? Or did I just get unlucky?

Postby Liz123 » 30 Jan 2014, 22:00

Hi All,

I have read the symptoms some of you are having and they sound incredibly painful. I almost hate posting this topic talking about how mine don't hurt but the truth is they do interfere. I developed a fissure about a year and a half ago. Thought it was a hemorroid for a long time until I finally made myself take a closer look and what do you know..a small piece of skin had formed where there once had not been any..(I'm trying to make this sound as pleasant as possible). Anyway, up until a year ago it was bleeding and itched but now it is under control. Does not itch or bleed but I can definitely feel at times like something is there that shouldnt be. And occasionally, it does feel a bit sore (especially after BMs). The thing is just so unattractive looking and I fear that when I am intimate, it is visible. I understand that this is a vain problem to have but it really puzzles me that I have such few symptoms and yet IT IS STILL THERE. Unless I have surgery, will this thing be there for life? And I can't even justify having surgery performed if it doesn't hurt..Are all fissures visible? And if not, why would mine be?

Thanks, you guys are awesome.

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Re: Are all fissures visible? Or did I just get unlucky?

Postby Scientist2516 » 30 Jan 2014, 23:26

That piece of skin is called a sentinel pile. It's formed at the outer end of a fissure. If you've never been able to see a cut or bleeding area, you most likely have (or had) a fissure up inside your anus. I have never seen my fissure, but I do have a bit of skin that didn't use to be there!

You don't have to worry that your problem will seem trivial. Some of us are worse off, some are better off, but we all know that fissures are unpleasant and embarrassing. This is the place to come and vent and ask questions - and don't worry about making it seem nice. We all know it's not nice, and you can tell it like it is here.

Itching and soreness is no fun. Have you seen a doctor or colorectal surgeon or colorectal nurse? It's best to get checked out. Even if your fissure is not very painful, you want it to heal. If you have an unhealed fissure, your doc can prescribe medications and recommend diets to keep your stools soft.

Take care!
Nifedipine/lidocaine, no help
Diltiazem, effective, but caused major rash
Nitroglycerine, effective.
Topical estrogen for final healing.
Gentle heat to bottom - pain relief, muscle relaxant
Kondremul mineral oil
Time - lots of time.
Status - Healed!
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