Nightmare is over

My Grade-5 complex high anal fistula and horse-shoe abscess is seems cured.

Have you had surgery for a Fistula and would like to share your success with others on the board who might be worrying about their surgery? This is the place, snd we would be happy to hear from you. Also, if you want to keep a Fistula diary, feel free to do so.

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Nightmare is over

Postby samgallax » 29 Apr 2018, 07:37

First of all, I'm sorry for the poor english.
I am writing from Turkey. I'm a 48 years old male.
While I was reading this and similar forums almost every day in the last 3 years, what I do now,(writing my success story) was a dream for me.

My story began three years ago in November-2015.
I went to hospital emergency department by ambulance with anal pain and 41 degrees fever,The doctors were able to lower my fever after 6 hours. After the MRI scan, I was told that the my rectal region is surrounded with a deep horse-shoe abscess and it must be drained with surgery.
Immediately, they did the surgery and the abscess was drained from right side of my anus.
After three weeks of antibiotic treatment and sitz bath twice a day, the wound was closed. But in the fourth week after the surgery, the healed wound reopened with a big pain and a pink, watery discharge began.

When I went to the doctor again, and after a new MRI scan , it was me that the abscess was back with bigger size, and the channel they opened for drainage is turned into fistula. And a new surgery was necessary.
Prior to surgery, they made a mass of tests, analyzes, colonoscopy, endoscopy, and ultrasound scans, hoping to find the the root of the problem.
When the pain became unbearable, I had a second surgery in March-2016. (abscess drainage and fistulotomy)
The wound closed after three weeks (with antibiotic treatment and sitz-baths) is reopened at the end of second month again.
In addition, the severity of the pain and the amount of discharge was increasing day by day.

After a new MRI scan, it was told me that the abscess is back with bigger size and the fistula spreaded all over my hip. Also they said me seton or similar threatment was not possible, because the abscess is very deep and large.
So, a new surgery was necessary.

I had the third surgery in September 2016. I stayed at hospital for a week. I lost 15kg weight after surgery.
And I stayedin bed for 3 months. The wound is closed after one month bot as like before reopened again after a couple of weeks.

The pain and discharge was increasing again.Also there were new problems. 1-2 hours after bowel movement, I was feeling that the end of my colon or begining of rectum was blocked for 4 to 8 hours. In this peiod there were a huge abdominal and pain. I could not even get out gas during this time. The bowel movement was a nightmare.

When I go back to doctors again they told me that the fistula is spreaded everywhere including internal-external sphrincter, my prostate, neighbourhood of pancreas wall and my right leg. In additioan there was a hole opened to my intestine which drilled by fistula.
They also said, making a new surgery was impossible.
After that I searched a solution with about 30 different doctors-surgeons in different hospitals. The las doctor I met was very famous Professor in Turkey who specialized about colo-rectal disaeses. He told me that I have a very-very complex Grade-5 superior fistula which never seen even in books. He said, if my fistula was a movie it would won all Oscars together. Finally he also told me that he can't make such surgery. Even he make, it will not be a solution. He suggested me to use medicines which he wrote to increase my life quality.

Bu any medicine was not helping. I was living with pain all time. SOmetimes anal pain. Sometimes anal+abdominal pain. Continuously huge discharge and my life was like Hell.

I was lost all my hope. While seriously thinking to commit suicide, the hope back with one of my friend.

In November-2017, a friend of mine heard about a person which faced similar problem for 7 years and had 12 surgery cured by a Russian surgeon with only one surgery. I asked him to have his contact but unfortunately we learned that the Russian doctor was dead one year before.
But he found for me contact information of his assistant.
He was in stavropolsky regon in Russia. My brother visited him and showed my MRI scans. He told that he can't manage may surgery himself but, he suggested us two hospital in moscow to contact.

In January 2018 I visited Moscow and discussed with two different surgeon. Both of them said they can manage the surgery. But one of them was very self-confident. He told me everything will be OK. after 2 month if he make surgery.
I decided to have 4th surgery with him. But because of visa problem I came back Turkey and after having longer visa I moved to Moscow at the beginning of March-2018.

Before surgery, they make many analyzes and tests during 3 days before surgery. Two surgeon make surgery together. The surgery lasted approximately three hours.
The second day after surgery, I couldn't believe how I'm feeling good. It was a miracle. the following 2 weeks I stayed at hospital. During this period there were no pain. No uncomford. Nothing. Unbeliavable.
2 weeks after (20 of march,) they told me that I can go back my home. They gave me a threatment program and a diet.
Next week it will be 2 month after surgery. The wound is about to close. Still there is no anal pain, No discharge. Also the uncomfordable abdomianl pain which I had for years is not there anymore. Bowel movements are became normal periodically. The delayed pain and blockage is also ended.
I don't use pain killers anymore.
This is unbeliavable. I feel like I'm in 20 years old again.
The interesting part is that. I stayed the 9th floor of ohospital in Moscow. All patients in 9th floor was there for surgery in colo-rectal region.(Fistula,fissure, hemorrhoid etc.)
in 15 days i talked withmany patients there. All were like me. They haven't had any pain or discomford after surgery. Most of them were leving from hospital 2-3 days after surgery.
The doctors was unbelievable. The only minus side of hospital was the meals. But who cares.

If someone needs hope like me before, to give him an option I'll mention the name of hospital and Surgeons. I hope you all will write your own success stories in near future.

The hospital is a government hospital :
Federal Research and Clinical Center(In RUssian федеральный научно клинический центр)
The Doctors-Surgeons.
1st Surgeon : Sologubov Vasily Vladimirovich (Head of Colo-Proctology department)
2nd Surgeon : Loshchenov Maxim Sergeevich (A young guy with a big heart and golden hands)
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Re: Nightmare is over

Postby chachacha » 29 Apr 2018, 08:56

What an amazing story. I'm so glad that things finally have worked out well for you!
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Re: Nightmare is over

Postby samgallax » 29 Apr 2018, 12:27

Thank you very much chachacha..
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