Anal Fistula Surgery 12’o clock

Please Help me, i need to have opinion for my fistula surgery

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Anal Fistula Surgery 12’o clock

Postby Darma83 » 15 Apr 2022, 06:53

Hi All,
I am a new member, 39 years old Male.

My story started July 2021 with bit of Anal Pain, which thought of only Haemorrhoid, and since waiting for first dose Covid vaccine i just let it be. After Vacccine which 2 weeks from it is started i still feel the pain so went to GP and CRS and suspected Fistula but MRI done show nothing hence nothing being done.

2 weeks after i start to feel a bit pain during urinated and went to urologist which suspected prostatitis but all test also show nothing.
My second colorectal i visited on Sept 2021 diagnosed me with Fissure after doing anoscopy, and prescibed me with rectogesic. And after 2 weeks he stated i am recovered.

Fast forward to Oct 2021 i started to unable to sit, if 30 mins sitting then i will feel pain in my buttock, back thigh, and lower back pain.

I tried to find the issues, went around from doctor to doctor. And lastly, on Jan 2022 last CRS i saw which happened to be Head of colorectal Dept in most welknown hospital in my country stated that i have a really superficial fistula at 12 o’clock and small surgery to lay open to be done.
With the hope to recover from all the sitting pain i have i went with the surgery on 21st Feb 2022 after colonoscopy done and confirmed no other underlying issue.

In fact i do not recall any discharge or absess before, but i just believe what the CRS proposed with the surgery.

Now i am 7 weeks+ after the surgery. But seem like my wound is not yet fully heal and even now the pain in the surgery area of 12’o clock is radiating to groin, back thigh, buttock and can feel that the muscle spasm too often. I have 1 day feeling bit better then other 3-4 days bad days. Muscle spasm, radiating pain, and surely hard to sit is there. My CRS say wound is healing well, i even Went to Other CRS to ensure but also get answer that wound is healing but how come the feeling is like this.

I hope if all good guy here and there will be angel here could share with me, is it normal with my condition? Anyone done 12 o’clock fistula surgery before to share with me on the experience.

Thanks very much in advance
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Re: Anal Fistula Surgery 12’o clock

Postby borghive » 03 Aug 2022, 11:09

How are you doing? I had the same surgery in April of 2022 and I'm still healing from it in Aug of 2022. This surgery seems like it can be tough to recover from. One thing that set me back was my restrictive vegan diet. I basically wasn't getting enough protein to heal my wound in a timely manner. Once I added meat and increased protein intake, things got a lot better. I healed a ton in a month or so, but I'm not 100% yet. Slowly getting there.

These things can suck, my fistula was basically a result of neglecting a chronic fissure and probably a lack of protein. If you have a fissure, don't mess around with it!! The natural cures everyone touts will only prolong your suffering, find a good CRS asap!!!! Get the surgery as well, it is not that bad.
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