Prostatis cured by meditation

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Prostatis cured by meditation

Postby patience_and_healing » 29 Jul 2018, 11:29

8/16-12/16: Fissure due to antibiotics
5/17: Botox to sphincter
9/19: Trigger point injections and pudendal nerve block
11/19: Botox to pelvic floor
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Re: Prostatis cured by meditation

Postby dmcff » 07 Aug 2018, 01:58

This is a remarkable story. Also, I recognise some things from personal experience: the initial emphasis on "prostatitis", the PSA test, the biopsy (which I have to confess I chickened out of). After about a year, though, I began to lose sight of the urologists, and the hospital tests and MRI scans I had led to a diagnosis that was a lot less definite and more ambiguous. The author is right that "CPPS does not lend itself to traditional, off-the-shelf medical treatment. Urologists can save your life if you have cancer, but are largely helpless when it comes to a little-understood, multifactor condition like CPPS."

It's curious that the article seems to draw an equivalence between "chronic nonbacterial prostatitis" and CPPS. As far as I'm aware, CPPS is not a form of prostatitis, but rather a pelvic pain syndrome that can be triggered by prostatitis but is not necessarily linked to it.
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