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Recovery Time Post Op

Postby monti73 » 07 Dec 2020, 14:38

Hello everyone,

Sorry if this has probably been asked a few times, but I am just trying to gauge if the surgery for me worked or not. I recently had a fissurectomy and sphincterotomy about 5 weeks ago. Post op, I went in for a 3 week checkup in which the doctor was only there to talk and see how am I progressing as they wait until the second visit to use a anoscope.

Initially the pain was bad, especially when I had gas and of course a BM. After a couple of weeks there were a couple days where I had a BM and no pain at all, thought I was well on my way and so happy. Then a few more days went by and the pain was back after a BM for several hours, though not as bad as prior to the surgery, still uncomfortable and can't relax.

At the 1st checkup I mentioned to the doctor the pain and he said it shouldn't be lasting that long at this point, maybe around the 15 minutes but not as long as I was feeling it. He then prescribed me a compound medicine to use which consists of Lidocaine, Hydrocortisone, Diclofenac and Nefedipine. Of course the applicator you get with this medicine does not really suit the purpose and sticking my finger up there was not going to help especially due to pain. So I bought the DoseRite system and use .2ML twice a day (or I try, again pain makes it difficult to administer anytime after a BM).

Unfortunately, here I am a full 5-6 weeks after surgery and the pain has not all that improved much. It is not as agonizing where it keeps me up for an entire night but still not close to what I was hoping for. Am I expecting too much thinking the surgery should have made me feel so much better by now? Has anyone else had both and was feeling little to no pain sooner than 6 weeks? Anyone have the pain last a lot longer before it got better?

I am just hoping I didn't fall into the 13% reoccurrence that can still happen with the fissure and went through the surgery for nothing. It makes me feel at times I am to the point of saying just give me a colotomy bag so I don't have to be in pain anymore, it's very depressing.

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