Rectal pain - no one believes me

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Rectal pain - no one believes me

Postby Jrwbnd » 24 Feb 2020, 06:15

Apologies for long post—first timer

BACKGROUND: I’ve had a fissure for 8 years, 2 sphincterotomies in the past two years, and my CRS retired so I went to a new one when the fissure showed up yet again along with other nasty symptoms. In January I was diagnosed with Crohn’s and have since been on mesalamine suppository and oral. While that has helped abdominal cramping and regulated BMs, I am left with intense and intermittent rectal pain.

I’ve complained about it since Jan. 7, and after three more visits with my GI complaining that I can barely make it through the day (I teach sixth grade.) She finally prescribed me tramadol. It didn’t really stop the pain but kept me less tense through the day and took the edge off. It was only five and when I called for a refill she said I should see my CRS. I went to him and he says my GI should treat it since he can’t do anything surgically. My bp has also been very high. I’m usually very low, but the past three doc visits it was 142/90. He gave in to ordering an MRI after my husband and I insisted. He is convinced it is not an abscess and isn’t related to my fissure (I agree bc the pain is very deep and on my right side—at its worst it causes me to walk with a limp it hurts so badly on the right side/cheek) and he referred me to PT for levator ani syndrome.

I am beyond frustrated.
GI defers to GP about bp.
GP says no worry; bp is from pain, go see CRS
CRS says go to GI

It’s this stupid circle and none of them believe or understands my pain. I have asked for anything to relieve it, not just pain killers. Nerve block, lidocaine shots, just shooting in the dark. They refuse to do anything. The CRS gave me Valium suppositories but all that does is knock me out. I hate it and I definitely can’t teach while on it.

Anyone have a similar experience and have advice?!
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Re: Rectal pain - no one believes me

Postby dmcff » 24 Feb 2020, 11:30

Welcome to the forum. I completely understand what you say about going round in circles - have been through this myself, and am really sorry to learn that you've experienced something similar. Occasionally medical professionals don't seem to be able to communicate with one another, at least in a way that's helpful to their patients.

Regarding pain - yes, it can drive one's BP up. I don't know if you have tried gabapentin or pregabalin (sometimes called Lyrica). I've found the latter much more effective than conventional painkillers, whether opioids or NSAIDs, and for me it was certainly an improvement on Valium. But everyone is different - maybe you could ask your GI or GP about it. Physical therapy can also be a way through all this, but you need to find the right therapist.

I'm sorry not to be able to offer any better advice, but perhaps others here will have some suggestions.
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