Rectiv Day 6 Questions???

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Rectiv Day 6 Questions???

Postby anticd70 » 22 Nov 2015, 21:49


I began Rectiv on Tuesday 11/17 after having a Sigmoidoscopy on Monday 11/16. I was told I have 2 fissures. My pain began about this time last year 2014 and unfortunately I waited a year to see someone.

Now I am on day 6 of Rectiv and I haven't seen blood in my stool for 2 days now...does this mean the fissure is starting to heal? I still have pain but no signs of blood.

Since Tuesday I have had an entire life style change in how I eat and I will do this for as long as it takes. Only fruits, veggies, fiber one cereal and lots of water. In addition I take 2 fibercons in the morning and 2 at night. I started drinking prune juice today hoping it will loosen my stool.

I tried 4 teaspoons of cocunt oil in a shake with spinach, fiber one cereal, water, bananas and blueberries that gave me extreme diarrhea. So I think I may limit my coconut oil intake.

In addition I take 2 baths a day with epsom salts ranging between 15-30 mins. What else would the forum recommend I do?

I see this as a new beginning to start living a healthy life style to insure I never suffer from this again!!!!

Last but not least can anyone recommend North Jersey Doc's that specialize in anal fissures and or surgery? I pray it doesn't go that far but I thought I would just inquire.

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Re: Rectiv Day 6 Questions???

Postby Canadabum » 22 Nov 2015, 22:35

Hi Anticd...welcome to the forum. :wel:

Good that you have started to use one of the ointments that are meant to help the healing process. The lack of blood may mean some healing. I am not a Dr. but would guess that the lack of blood may have as much or more to do with your change of diet. Prior to diet change did you have blood every day?

Careful not to add too much can make the stool larger and more painful to pass.

Great that you have changed your diet and are eating and drinking well...this will serve you well. Adding probiotics to my diet was helpful to me early on in my journey.

As for what else you can do...add a sitz bath or regular bath after your bm if you can...if not, whenever you can. It is helpful in cleaning the area and stimulating blood flow that will help in healing. To that end, sit on a heating pad whenever you, work, watching tv.

I hope this helps. Sounds like you are already doing a bunch of good stuff to help yourself.

All best -
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