Recurrent fissure disrupting life

Describing pain and recurrence to decide on LIS

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Recurrent fissure disrupting life

Postby OhTheAgony » 23 May 2017, 02:38

Hi All,

I'm a 38yr old married male. 2 kids and an awesomely loving wife.

An Indian guy, who is mainly veggie guy for the week, and a meat guy over the weekends. Whiskey follows without second thought. So diet is fairly okay with enuff fiber. No history of constipation. Have 3 BMs everyday like clock work. Then 1 fine day , had a fissure....

I have 3- 4 recurrences in the last 6 months. Everyone, the pain level is reduced but the Healing time is more.

I have made lifestyle changes such that I include 2.5 to 3 ltrs of water, Avoid red meat. Avoid spicy food ( that's so not me), avoid whisky.

The onset of it was due to extreme stress and a the drinking that happened around the same time which I thought would reduce the stress.

What a moron I was then. Have taken to more saner approach like not getting stressed easily and drinking beer now n then to enjoy & not to de stress.

My questions are

1. I want to start exercising like before the time fissures occupied my life.

2. I'm seriously considering LIS and my wife who healed over a 2 yr period using Shield ointment is advising me against it. Her problems were a lot more severe and she says that I shouldn't go for LIS.

Please help me in Deciding.
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Re: Recurrent fissure disrupting life

Postby Canadabum » 23 May 2017, 21:19

Oh....welcome to the buttastic forum ;)

So sorry you are in the midst of fissure hell but glad you found the forum.

As for excercise -- I'm no dr but my advice would be to ease in to it...go slow and ramp up. That way you can monitor how your butt reacts to your routine. If it were me I would avoid heavy weights, deadlifting etc for a time.

As for LIS -- I haven't had it yet but am
Scheduled for it in Sept. for some reason people tend to have an emotional reaction to deciding upon this the decision is complicated. I avoided it but was left dealing with scratches, blood and discomfort every 4-6 weeks even after I healed. I am pretty sure I will have the procedure to try and help stop that cycle for myself. Most do really well with the surgery- some do really well without. You gotta kind of go with your gut (pun intended) and mix in the advice from a great CRS.

Btw - your diet, drink and stress combo sounds very very familiar to

All best - Canadabum
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Re: Recurrent fissure disrupting life

Postby waterskier » 12 Jun 2017, 04:09

I have seen a very nice co rectal surgeon who says this: Lis works great , but by the time you in your 70" you will be incontinent , so he says don't have it done , try botox 3 times before , only have LIS as last resort .
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Re: Recurrent fissure disrupting life

Postby hurtinend » 12 Jun 2017, 19:41

I would take some incontinence as opposed to living in pain each day.
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