scared to go to the doctor

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scared to go to the doctor

Postby applecherryberrieee » 23 Aug 2017, 20:36

I've had an AF keep coming back for nearly a year now and even though it's painful, I'm just too scared to go to the doctor in case they want to examine me. I know it sounds silly but I have been diagnoised with PTSD after being abused as a child and having men touch me makes me extremely panic-y. The only female doctor at my surgery only works on Monday mornings during term time which is when I'm at college.v :cry:
So, I was wondering what people think I should do. Is going to the doctors worth it if it is this stressful for me? Also are there any 'home remedies' people use to help with AFs? :dunno:
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Re: scared to go to the doctor

Postby LemonMan » 24 Aug 2017, 01:54

Hi AppleCherry,

So sorry to hear this. Don't know where you are, but in the UK for example they have to offer you a chaperone. This could be anyone you like. You could ask for a female nurse, or even a friend/family member.

Maybe enquire to see if this is the case where you are. I would say you should definitely get it checked out. I had over a dozen examinations and you soon get used to them. The doctors do them all the time, and have see it all trust me. It's just another part of the body to them.

The first time I went I looked at my watch and told myself that in 10 minutes hence it would all be over.

Good luck!
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