signed a parliament change!

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signed a parliament change!

Postby Jamesscott96 » 15 Dec 2016, 01:22

a while ago i suffered with a sever anal fissure it felt somedays my asshairs were stabbing me when i walked and others i felt a horrible weighing down ache sensation that lasts allday everyday .

i have been on rectogesic gtn ointment and instillagel to numb the area but the spasms never numb haha

i went to the hospital a few times they said they could do nothing as it all has to go through the (system) each time sent me home only gave me iburofen paracetemol .. which has angered me as it does nothing

at first i thought the spasms were ibs as it kind of makes me feel i need a poo , but i take buscopan and it didnt relief me what so ever .

the nhs colorectal department is a minimum wait list of 18 weeks !!! and i have heard some people waiting half a year to a year .

i signed a petition ... tALCE3KWy3

have a read through i reckon alot of people will agree, sorry about my spelling btw dyslexic

what made me want to do all this is i know how bad this pain is , it makes me feel recluse and detached and angry

i wouldnt want my son waiting half a year to see a specialist knowing how bad this feels lol , also the support on mental health side of things in this country is horrible atm.
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Re: signed a parliament change!

Postby LemonMan » 28 Dec 2016, 10:16

Hi James,

I feel your pain - literally! Fissure problems are not only some of the most painful problems you can get, but no-one wants to discuss them because of the associated embarrassment. With many illnesses you can tell your friends and family and there will be huge support for you. With anal problems it's difficult to tell people and no-one really understands how they can be so painful.

I noticed your petition was rejected, but I thought the response was very interesting. I didn't know this, and it gives me some comfort - so well done! Here it is for everyone else:

It might help you to know that 18 weeks is actually the maximum waiting time for non-urgent referrals in England. If you're referred for a physical or mental health condition, you have the legal right to start non-urgent consultant-led treatment, or be seen by a specialist for suspected cancer, within maximum waiting times.

You can visit the NHS website for more details:

Cheers, LemonMan
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