skin tag hiding fissure?

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skin tag hiding fissure?

Postby scaredritz » 05 Apr 2017, 21:04

Finally after days of discomfort, went to my primary care doctor to get my bottom checked out. I was pretty sure i had the biggest hemrrhoids.....well, she difffers. After a painless digital exam and of course, checking out the area, she thinks i just hv skin tags. she did not find anything significant apart from a minor tear or two.
My question is , since my skin tags are inflamed a bit and causing me some discomfort, no pain though - are they hidimg a fissure underneath them ,that the doctor may hv missed? from what i hv read, sin tags develop as response to fissures, hence my question. i was prescribed proctozone HC 2.5% , which i m thinking of using but not sure abt it.

thanks a lot to all of u..
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Re: skin tag hiding fissure?

Postby dmcff » 06 Apr 2017, 01:49

The whole area is so very sensitive that even the smallest tears can cause acute pain and discomfort. In order to get an exact appraisal of the situation re skin tags (stenosis) and fissures, you would likely need to have a sigmoidoscopy.

After two and half years of worrying about exactly what is going on down there, I have given up trying - my GP says that it's best to treat the pain and use GTN to promote healing. And at least three colorectal surgeons have given me roughly the same advice.
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