So frustrated


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So frustrated

Postby Gardengirl88 » 03 Jan 2024, 18:54

Hello… as a sufferer of anal fissures for 13 years or so I am just so over it. I was fine dealing with the pain and just taking miralax until last year that my dr scared me of how much scar tissue I have and what my future might look like if I am not overly careful.

Since then I have yet to have a normal BM I take way too much miralax and have verge of diarrhea. I’ve been fine all this time but this morning, even though my stool is soft as usual …. I got tore open. I am so confused. It felt as though I was constipated and like my bum was shut closed. First time I have felt consitpated in at least a year and it wasn’t even hard stool! Was this a spasm that caused a fissure? I feel doomed :cry: :cry:

Anyone else have soft stools and still tear? I’m just confused and lost.
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Re: So frustrated

Postby GrrrAF » 03 Jan 2024, 20:29

Hello Gardengirl88,

All my troubles with fissures and anal spasms were associated with softer (and faster) BMs which was not classified as diarrhea; was related to anxiety and stress. I am a bit of anomaly in that I am in worse condition with softer and slimmer BMs and best when digestion slows down like if I skip a day of BMs and poop is harder and bigger. When the anal sphincter is tight it doesn't open fully for BMs and feels partially closed, so poop has to squeeze through a smaller diameter but when it is relaxed, opens fully to accommodate a larger harder poop. There is also the puborectalis sling which if tight, will keep 'door' partially closed; my Dr. diagnosed this issue on me in the beginning.

I am not sure which comes first spasm or fissure? but I was diagnosed with anal spasms long before the fissures which were missed and only discovered after they healed with scar tissue.
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Re: So frustrated

Postby ESun » 05 Feb 2024, 11:59

tears happen from loose stools as well. Use a suppository at night, made with cocoa butter or coconut oil....etc. I know expensive but you can make them!
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