streaks of blood

blood on stool

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streaks of blood

Postby scaredritz » 04 Apr 2017, 10:20

For the past few days i hv been hvng blood on tissue paper after wiping, not a lot but visible. However, yesterday i saw blood on the stool while today it was streaks of blood on the stool and also on the toilet paper after wiping. i am hvng no pain , during or after BM but a slight burning/discomfort for a few hours. i can see lumps on my anus, so i m guessing hemmrhoids-though not sure external or internal.
Unable to load pictures here somehow- may be i m doing something wrong here.
the blood is freaking me out, cos my stools are soft and do not require any straining.

Pl advise and help me out. is there any way one can identify if they are external or internal, sso that they cna be treated accordingly?

thanks a ton..
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Re: streaks of blood

Postby patience_and_healing » 04 Apr 2017, 22:26

I don't know much about hemorrhoids, but I think external ones are visible as bumps on the anus. Internal ones are not visible unless they grow so much that they prolapse out of the anus during a bowel movement. Any kind of blood on stool should not be treated at home until you have a diagnosis from a doctor or specialist. Please get checked out before you try any treatments yourself.
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