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Thank you to the forum

Postby happy gal » 07 Oct 2015, 14:01

Hello to the forum. Thank you all so much for taking the time to share your stories. I found you because i was desperately seeking knowledge about fissures. Modern medicine has not been any help. I found a naturopath who helped by minor surgery cleaning up the tear and removing a fistula at the top of the tear. cut down on some of the pain. such a simple surgery but very few doctors are trained to do this...or maybe they are just not interested. very few doctors know much about rectal issues. naturopaths deal with gastro issues through diet. they say 80% of our populations have some sort of rectal issue. i believe it now. the forums helped the most. i used everything that i read worked for someone. i don't know what did not did not help but after 4 months i am now almost healed. VERY minor pain in the tissue but none when i go to the bathroom. no more blood either. a big change happened after starting to eat food again. i was doing the liquid thing to avoid stools. the diaharrea caused other issues. the healing was VERY VERY slow but i read in one forum that getting "soft serve" stools was a good thing. it helped the muscles heal and stop the cramping. i eat buckwheat pancakes with fruit, manuka honey. i add Konsyl fiber to the pancake mix. Fiber is important to keeping the stools soft. add more fiber gradually or you will have problems with gas and cramping. you need about 25-30 grams minimum/day. i eat tilapia, sweet potato/yam, green beans for lunch and dinner. I sprinkle Konsyl fiber on my potatoes with Ghee butter and fat free sour cream. the fish is rolled in eggs, Panko bread crumbs, spices and baked. no pepper spices. seedless fruits in between meals, prunes, dates, watermelon. gets boring but i'm healed sticking to soft foods. two weeks ago i had a gyro from garbanzos. the bread, hummus, lettuce, tziki sauce (SP?) and feta. i had no problems but I'm not pushing it. point is, it was a real meal and fairly soft foods. i put colloidal silver gel and manuka honey on the fissure. used a small syringe to put colloidal silver and oregano oil inside. don't get on the outside if you try the oregano oil- it burns a lot. only use 1 drop to begin with. the "recipe" i found said to do this and build up to 7 drops if you can tolerate. these are healing and antibiotic- natural. i also added garlic. eat one floret or try some supplements. good for healing. i also used proctorfoam to help with the swelling. steroids slow down healing but reducing the swelling helped with the pain. not a lot but it helped. i showered and did a sitz bath immediately after going to the bathroom. no toilet paper or rubbing the area. i took 10 mg tramadol which helped with the cramping. i had cramps 5-6 hours after going to the bathroom. it dulled the discomfort - not much but it helped. It's been 4 long months and I'm about 98% healed. i can go to the bathroom without fear or bleeding. For me, the key was being patient and sticking to the soft food diet religiously. For those of you who might care to know, I also got back in touch with God and my healing began almost immediately. I had nothing to lose calling upon Him too. it was not a fast healing but i did start healing. Hope I help someone else out there! Thanks again everyone.
happy gal
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Re: Thank you to the forum

Postby owmybum » 18 Oct 2015, 10:13

Thankyou for your post happy gal. I'm glad you are so much better.
This forum is amazing!

:afsmile: :thankyou:
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