Untreated fissure since giving birth - lots of advice needed

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Untreated fissure since giving birth - lots of advice needed

Postby Emmy14 » 29 Apr 2016, 16:43

Hi all. So glad to find this group.

I'm pretty sure that I've had a fissure since shortly after giving birth to my now 17-month old. The dr. originally said I had a small hemorrhoid, but the description of how I feel always matched fissures. At any rate, I went to my pcp this week and she couldn't feel anything with a digital exam. She said it's probably a fissure, gave me Anucort and orders to get a colonoscopy. A few questions for you guys:

1 I really haven't been loving the Anucort suppositories. They made me feel gassy and bloated and haven't helped at all after three days. Is this normal? Should I keep going?

2. I am really nervous about getting a colonoscopy. Is it really necessary to diagnose fissures or are there other ways? Should I make an appt. with a Gastro doctor to get things checked before I schedule a full colonoscopy?

3. For the past year and a half, I would have really painful BMs probably once a month that would seem to get better and then after a few weeks relapse again. But it's happening more and more frequently now, and I've had two instances of LOTS of bright red blood. One time, after a very painful BM, I still had a little blood coming out the next time I peed (even with no bm). I'm feeling really scared. Is this normal for a fissure?

Any reassurance would be helpful. I'm so nervous!
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Re: Untreated fissure since giving birth - lots of advice ne

Postby Davo » 03 May 2016, 16:30

Hello Emmy,

Fissures do normally start their lives as a haemorrhoid (mine certainly did) but to try and answer your questions:

1. I found these things useless too - In my case these were messy and yes they most certainly made things more gassy. I don't know what a pcp actually is (I'm UK based) but if they were prescribed by a medical professional then yes I would continue to use them unless told otherwise.

2. Fissures are normally diagnosed via a visual inspection as most are near the opening of the anus. A colonoscopy wouldn't normally be used to diagnose a fissure but it will ensure nothing else is going on that isn't visual to the the naked eye - A colonoscopy is normally used to help find ulcers, colon polyps, and areas of inflammation or bleeding.

3. Your symptoms could relate to both fissures and hemorrhoids, however if it is really eye wateringly painful the chances are it could be a fissure. Don't be too concerned about the perceived quantity of blood - a very small amount can cover a large area of toilet paper. I used to take a look myself by squatting over a mirror placed on the floor and sometimes you can see if it's a cut or a swollen lump (hemorrhoids).

Don't be nervous (easy for me to say) but just follow the fissure rules as it could clear itself up. When i say rules i mean drink lots of water, eat lots of fibre, take movicol(UK)/Miralax(USA) each day, avoid nuts, clean up with damp cotton wool rather than use toilet roll and never strain when on the toilet

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