Are there warning signs of a fistula/abscess?

As in before its formed so one can do something about it

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Are there warning signs of a fistula/abscess?

Postby sean530 » 04 Dec 2018, 07:08

hi people
I'm just looking for advice/personal experiences from people as to the warning signs of an impending fistula or an abscess formation.

1. Did you notice any signs or were there certain symptoms you felt before you developed a fistula/abscess?

2. What was the cause and what advice would you give to others prevention vise?

3. Was it sudden or a gradual process as perceived by you?

Thank you for your time and effort and i hope we all heal from this ordeal sooner than later
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Re: Are there warning signs of a fistula/abscess?

Postby dmcff » 07 Dec 2018, 13:44

If the condition is only impending it would probably be best to get a scan (CT/MRI) done, to locate the precise nature of the trouble and to make sure that it's not some more general problem like pelvic floor dysfunction, which can be managed with physiotherapy and exercises.
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Re: Are there warning signs of a fistula/abscess?

Postby Talesofmytail » 03 Feb 2019, 16:20

Hi Sean.
I was misdiagnosed with hemorrhoids and then a fissure (I think I actually had both, but that wasn't what was causing me the horrible pain) before my CRS finally diagnosed me with an anal abscess and subsequent fistula. The main symptom I had was debilitating pain that was totally unresponsive to topicals. When I started having pus leak out near my anus it was apparent I had an abscess, not a fissure.

My surgeon thinks the abscess was caused by a blocked anal gland and the fistula was secondary to the abscess. I wasn't given any information on how to prevent a blockage in the anal gland (s).

My pain seemed to come on pretty suddenly (one day I was fine and the next I had noticable discomfort) with gradual increase in severity.

I hope you don't develope any of the above! It's been a nightmare for me! Best of luck and feel free to message back if you have anymore questions!
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