Weird question...

Pain when peeing??

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Re: Weird question...

Postby Rachael 1984 » 24 May 2014, 15:30

Hi Charlize,
Welcome to the forum, so sorry you are suffering with a Fissure. Because it's early days, you have a good chance of healing the monster..... ETO is right.... Demand a referral, I too did just that, and refused to leave until the GP referred me. I'm in the UK too, and the wait sometimes is just a nightmare. I can relate totally to the urinary pains and aches/burning etc... I was treated for water infections when my Fissure hell started, I was in so much pain it travelled to my lady bits and was so uncomfortable to pee. When my fissures act up, I can tell immediately as I feel weird when I pee. Are you using any creams? Ask your GP for some Rectogesic or Diltiazem, which are both recognised treatments for Fissures, this will help ease the pain and spasms, and also encourage blood flow, which will help heal the Fissure. Good luck and keep us posted. Xxx
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Ongoing pain/re-tears. Awaiting pressure test results.
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Re: Weird question...

Postby Doggyvonne » 29 May 2014, 08:38

I suffer this too. I am very careful to avoid any bathing, applications affecting my urinary tract and I think this stinging blocked sensation ( bruised,stinging falling out sensation in perineum and urethra) is maybe referred from the fissure in my anal area but I am not sure. I also get claudication like pains in my calves as if my legs are on elastic attached to my anus. I have not found anything much to help the calves but I discovered by accident that Potassium Citrate for cystitis often generates a BM fairly soon after taking it and can ease the general misery for a while. I dont have cystitis as such but I had some by me from a while back and was willing to try anything and it seemed to stop the stinging in the fissure and heaviness in urethra.
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