Weird Symptoms, Muscle Spams in Anus

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Weird Symptoms, Muscle Spams in Anus

Postby s2119976 » 04 Dec 2017, 18:06

Hello Guys, I'm a 21-year-old male and about 6 months ago I had some bright red blood bleeding from small hemorrhoid + feeling rectal pressure like having the ball inside the anus or can relate that feeling when you normally want to go and have that urge to go,and it went ok after using suppositories for a couple of days. after 2 months from that, I had the same clinic for several days and it went away itself very mildly.
Nowayads that rectal Pressure feeling is affecting every day, after a bm I feel some kind of relief but it still there. also, i had anal itching, very irritating lasting couple days sometimes,but for now not so common.
Again these days while Bm I do not experience any blood on toilet paper nor in the stool, I have no pain while defecating even with a hard average sized stool, everything feels normal except that anesthesia feeling.
But very weird symptom which was developed about 1-2 month ago is, i feel like I have local anesthesia around my anus, I can't feel anal area, while bm it is getting harder for me to poop not because of pain or something I cant push like my anus is anaesthetized, and another symptom mild pain feeling arises when I try to contract my anus really hard.
My main concern is that i cant feel anal area, while having bm, it feels like my anus not opening completely like one side is off and one is working normally. Also i have sudden sharp muscle cramps in anus area, sometimes its so severe it makes me to jerk my whole body and it only lasts 1 sec but it happens rarely, its shooting like muscle cramp feeling.
I looked at mirror myself, inspected my anal area nothing wrong....
I notice even when i have air bubble and i need to pass it i cant pass easily it feels like butt cheeks are too tight compressing or closing anus (feels like that)opening , if i separate them manually its easier to pass gass. 5 month ago everything was ok, in my life I always had regular BMs, never constipated and never had any anus problems or hemorrhoids, never had surgery.

I certainly know that I have IBS, mainly bloating and some Mild anxiety which I think is caused by this gastro problem.
I am thinking about Levator ani syndrome or Pelvic floor dysfunction, or Cancer maybe IDK... But I don't have bleeding or any mucus in stool or pain while defecating. Feels like neural dysfunction. Like my feeling of a normal anus is gone, i barely feel anus area, i feel stool traveling rectum while bm but once it reaches opening I cant feel that and it makes hard defecation process.
Or it could be an internal abscess or IDK. Also, it is easier for me to pass harder stools than softer ones, you might understand coz I barely feel softer stools and it's hard to push out. I call it i, to " Lose Push Power" and Feeling of anesthesia and rectal pressure (rectal pressure reacts on anxiety, when I'm anxious pressure feeling increases) is my main problem.
What do you Guys think? Anesthesia feeling is constant, even now I have it, it started about 3 months ago...
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Re: Weird Symptoms, Muscle Spams in Anus

Postby ChronosWS » 10 Feb 2018, 19:01

While I haven't had *exactly* this set of symptoms, I have had issues where I had feelings of incomplete movement, spasms and pain while passing stool, and lots of anxiety around going to the bathroom. I've written up a detailed account of this in another thread as well as a list of treatments I have tried, what worked and what did not for me. Perhaps it will help you.


Note in general that *straining* to pass a stool is actually the opposite of you want to do, even though it feels like it's the right thing to do. Stool passes when the sphincters are relaxed and the peristaltic motion of the internal smooth muscles pushes the stool out. If you strain, you are actually working your muscles against your sphincters, which can cause internal abrasions, muscle spasms, hemorrhoids and incomplete stool passage.
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