What does a healed fissure look like? Does it leave a scar?

What does a healed fissure look like? Does it leave a scar?

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What does a healed fissure look like? Does it leave a scar?

Postby Severelydepressed » 09 Dec 2015, 11:49

Hey guys, I was wondering if I could receive some feedback from people who have healed or are on the road to healing.

My question is: What does your fissure look like when healed/as it's healing? I can still see a cut. It doesn't really hurt, but I can still see the little tiny slit and it is a pinkish/whitish color and kinda raised if that makes sense. It almost looks a tiny bit "swollen" compared to the rest of my skin down there since it's a little raised. It's been this way for weeks now even as I got better and the pain dissipated. I do have an anal skin tag that swells up sometimes, which I'm guessing it means that my AF is chronic. But does this mean I'm not healing then? Especially if I still see the cut? For those who have healed, did it completely disappear to the point you can't see it anymore or did it leave a scar? I looked up the steps of wound healing, but I am unsure as AFs heal alot slower.....any insights? I just want to know what it's supposed to look like as it's healing.

I am not healed yet. Although I don't have pain/blood with BMs, I am still on Nifedipine - currently week 8. I plan to use it for about 12 weeks. I am also taking 1/2 dose of Miralax everyday still. I am scared to come off Nifedipine, in fear that all this progress will go down the drain...and the pain will return as soon as I stop. I'm also terrified of having to get surgery if this doesn't heal in the long term :roll: Get severe anxiety just thinking about it.

Although the extreme pain has gone, I still live everyday thinking about this and it's always in the back of my mind, never giving me full peace. Some days are better than others of course. I'm so traumatized by this and wish I could just have a healthy butt and not have to think about this ever again. I'm sure you all do too. :(

I hope you are all well and I really appreciate any insights and help. Thank you, always.
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Re: What does a healed fissure look like? Does it leave a sc

Postby chachacha » 09 Dec 2015, 18:26

I can't help with most of what you're asking, and hopefully someone else will come along soon to respond, but as far as the skin tag goes, it was caused by your fissure, but it may be there now permanently, even if your fissure has fully healed. My doctor told me that mine would be there forever, even though I had LIS in January and my fissure is now healed. And the tag can suffer all by itself, if it is irritated by bowel movements, or pressure (sitting), or by wiping too vigorously.
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