What Does Fissure Feel Like (Texture) & Look Like (External)

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What Does Fissure Feel Like (Texture) & Look Like (External)

Postby 4YearFissure » 09 Apr 2022, 02:14

Hi, everyone.

I've had a posterior and an anterior fissure since 2018. I've been to the proctologist multiple times, been looked at with the anoscope, etc. I've been trying manual dilation, put ointments in, and generally just feeling around.

2 questions:

1. Can anyone tell me what the anal fissure FEELS like.
I've always thought it was the somewhat textured, ribbed surface that I'm feeling in the 6:00 and 12:00 positions. It's not hard rough but has a raised, ribbed texture??? Is that the fissure I am feeling, or is that my normal anal anatomy? it is about 1 inch in, maybe.

2. Can you see your anal fissure from the outside?
I'm not sure if the purple areas I am seeing are the fissure or not. They are not circle-shaped bubbles like a thrombosis. They are just like straight, flat segments of the actual visible anus that you see from the outside. that are purple/bruised in color and have been that color for a year. Is that my internal fissures being visible from the outside?
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