Wish I never had to find this place

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Wish I never had to find this place

Postby Madpain » 15 Jul 2014, 01:01

Want to say I hate that I ever needed to type anal fissure into Google and came across this site. Also I want to say I feel so much sadness for anyone going through this like I have. This is probably the most depressing and painful non life threatening thing someone could have happen to them. Never in my life could I imagine something that is so minor being so terrible.

I had my fissure for awhile and it was painless. Then slowly it progressed to what I thought was hemorrhoids. I went to a rectal doctor and he diagnosed me with the fissure, and gave me nitro creme and 5% lidocaine. I thought the lidocaine would be a magic bullet but it might as well be water. A bm is several hours of pain. Sometimes I cannot sleep at night and must pace around walking off the pain. I have opted for surgery today, and next Friday will gladly go under the knife.

I will share something's that helped me in the event anyone reads this maybe they can try it. I know I tried everything I could for any relief.
1. Calazime creme. Very thick creme with menthol in it. Really helped at times.
2. Baby wipes. Not just for cleaning up after a bm. I found folding one in half and leaving it pushed against the anus helped take the edge off sometimes.

I hope everyone suffering from this finds relief.
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Re: Wish I never had to find this place

Postby Alyssa » 15 Jul 2014, 18:24


I think we all feel the same way but I am happy to have a forum such as this to come to for questions... I thought that an anal fissure was going to be a simple solution to solve but its not! I hope you find relief in your pain soon.
2/14 Fissure developed
3/14 Diagnosed w/ fissure given Nifedipine
4/14 Referred to Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy=Pelvic Floor Dysfunction
5/14 Fissure declared "healed"/chronic anal pain persists
9/5/14 Botox to pelvic floor
9/22 biofeedback
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Re: Wish I never had to find this place

Postby Jbl22424 » 15 Jul 2014, 18:35

Congrats on your surgery date. You will be healed in no time and this will be a distant memory. I am 2 months post-LIS and my life is completely normal again. I will never forget the misery of a fissure.
Developed fissure from constipation due to breastfeeding 7 weeks after delivery (Jan 2014)
Miralax - godsend
Nitro - some improvement
LIS (May 2014) - cured for 3 months then setback
Feeling better for now
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