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Re: Yowzaaaaa

Postby Deleted User 5 » 05 Oct 2013, 12:06

Welcome to the board, Drummer711!

Your thread prompts we to wonder about moderate alcohol use while suffering with a fissure. (As someone healed from AF) I have a beer almost every day and never have dry, hard BMs. I would think alcohol use would be less advisable to people who have the hard stool issue, which can of course be a horrible experience with a fissure. But if your stools are typically *not* dry, then a small amount of alcohol shouldn't be a problem. At least, that was my experience. It sure helps in calming jagged nerves as AF can be seriously stressful.

I was always of the opinion that the longer one goes with a fissure -- the more chronic it becomes -- the less hope a person is going to have using conservative measures to try and heal. My surgeon told me it was best to wait and see if it heals, but only *I* would know how much I could take before I'd had enough and opted for LIS surgery. That is something everyone with a chronic fissure faces. After seven months I could take it no more and a month later I was hopping around with a "fresh new arse" and extremely elated I had gotten the surgery. Successful surgeries happen all the time with AF. I'm not here to push surgery, but to remind that it's a light at the end of the tunnel when the pain and despair get to be too much.
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