2 Chronic Fissures/Fissurectomy on 8/28

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2 Chronic Fissures/Fissurectomy on 8/28

Postby Agony in NJ » 02 Sep 2017, 17:09

Hello and thank you :thankyou: for this forum. I have been doing google searches ever since my surgery 8/28 and it always directs me here so figured I'd join.
So I have suffered from fissures for a few years on and off. In April 2017 i had sleeve gastrectomy and changed my diet requiring me to eat more protein. So I follow diet and take my supplements religiously. However added protein hardened my stool so bad that I began having tremendously painful BMs. I specifically had a really bad one and after that all downhill to the point of having fissurectomy. I'm disappointed with my doc because he's not very compassionate I feel and I wish he would have explained post surgery ups downs healing better. Surgery went well, I was up and moving around with some pain like day 3. I'm now at Day 6 and had an agonizingly painful BM this morning that due to fear pain and inability to get it out, I struggled with since yesterday morning. I got no sleep but maybe 1 1/2 hr and just said I have to do this this morning. I cried I prayed I stood up sat down almost layed down over the toilet until finally relief. I cried of joy omg relief. But then, painful throbbing and just awful pain for like 3-4 hours. I didn't want to take anymore oxycodonebecause i was thinking this was costipating me. Fast forward today a few hours later and diarrhea. Most likely due to all the MOM and mineral oil I did the day before but anyway awful burning now. I prefer this to the hard BM sadly because at least the pain subsides faster. I'm 6 days out and found a stitch like fishing line with a knot when I wiped. Is this normal to happen this early. Also I would like to regulate my BM to be just right not too firm not diarrhea but soft and normal. What should I eat? What should I avoid? Laxatives which ones and how often? I have mineral oil and senna tabs and MOM handy. I haven't eaten much today at all because I'm afraid...only grapes and a pear and Gatorade. I hope to return to work 9/11/17. Please any advice and any hope out there is appreciated! :cry:
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Re: 2 Chronic Fissures/Fissurectomy on 8/28

Postby patience_and_healing » 29 Sep 2017, 08:17

I'm sorry you're suffering so much! Fissures really do put your life on hold. Miralax is a safe laxative for long term use. It's non stimulating and can be adjusted according to your needs. Your body needs for healing so don't skip meals. Eat softer foods like soups and boiled vegetables. Red meat is best eaten in limited quantities. And don't overdo the fiber. Hope you are doing better by this time.
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