22yo male with on and off fissure since Jan 2019

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22yo male with on and off fissure since Jan 2019

Postby boomboom11 » 14 Jul 2020, 10:37

Hi all.

It's my first time visiting the forum and I wish I'd found it earlier. I thought I'd share my fissure story to see if anyone had any advice, specifically about whether or not I should try surgery.

I first began to develop a fissure in January 2019. Initially it wasn't very severe. It was only around June 2019 that the pain began to last for several hours after a BM. I decided to go to the doc. Was prescribed Xyloproct. Began using this, without much success. Over the summer of 2019, the fissure came and went. Would be gone for a month, then come back for a bit. In August 2019 I went to the doc again, and was prescribed GTN cream. Had more success with this.

In the 12 months since then, a similar pattern has occurred over and over again. The fissure comes back, often after drinking a lot of booze, or eating a heavy meal, or both; then I would apply GTN, take Movicol (stool softener) and it goes away after a week or so. Itchiness and sensitivity would often persist for a week or so after that.

I'm going to see a rectal specialist in a few weeks. I'm currently in a good patch, but all it takes is a heavy BM to undo that. Does anyone have any advice? Would you opt for surgery in my position? Or just try to control your diet and BMs?

Look forward to hearing from people!
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Re: 22yo male with on and off fissure since Jan 2019

Postby patience_and_healing » 22 Jul 2020, 21:04

It sounds like if you stick to a strict diet plan the fissure might heal, but they are notoriously finicky. And honestly, if you're looking at surgery as a way to live an unhealthy life that's not really realistic. You could still get fissures after it, thought technically they should heal faster due to reduced muscle tone. I hope you will make the right choices for your body to heal. Take care.
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