3.5 Weeks Post LIS Surgery

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3.5 Weeks Post LIS Surgery

Postby tester1 » 05 Jan 2013, 09:03

Hello -
I have been dealing with an anal fissure for five years and finally decided to end my daily life of using creams by getting the LIS and fissurectomy. I knew the risk of incontinence which is why I waited so long to have the surgery.
Now that 3.5 weeks have passed, the bleeding comes and goes, but I have fecal leakage. Does anyone else have this and does it go away with time? It seems like there are only a few postings that discuss minor soiling.
I'm on a high fiber diet and take one capful of Miralax per day...I'm wondering if that's the problem and/or if this is normal in the weeks after LIS.
This is all so scary....I have started to think about how "real" permanent damage can affect my life. I never thought I would be one of the "statistics..."
I hope to hear some words of encouragement to help me heal :D
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Re: 3.5 Weeks Post LIS Surgery

Postby richibeno » 05 Jan 2013, 10:52

Hey tester I'm 3 and a half weeks post fistulotomy
Some internal sphincter was cut and some external fibres also 'im getting a little drainage after a bm even after a good clean up ,warm water wet wipes then shower head then in the ports bidet to all clean the area , If I check later I'll have a little drainage '
But I saw my crs yesterday he said it could be the movicol or mirrilax causing it 'im not to bothered about it at the mo 'i want my wound tyo heal first 'i get a achy fealing like a dull pain ache hope its just the muscle healing
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