4 years, 2 episodes..finally smiling. My tips


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4 years, 2 episodes..finally smiling. My tips

Postby mountainman » 08 Jun 2014, 11:55


I had a prostate exam about 4 years ago and the doctor was very rough and barely lubed his finger and as a result within a day I was having problems with bm's and bleeding and in pain. Long story short, after getting a proctoscopy it was confirmed I had a fissure at the 6 o'clock position. I was given nifedipine and within 3 months I was healed.

Fast forward another year and I have a big bm and my bum suddenly is on fire - not only at the 6 o'clock position but more so at the 3 and 9 o'clock position. Where the first time it only hurt going to the bathroom, this time I could barely walk for about 6 hours after a bm as in essence the 3 and 9 o'clock fissures where constantly rubbing. It was excruciating all day every day and I ended up stopping eating so I didn't have to go bathroom for 3 days at a time, which then caused problems in itself.

Anyway back to the specialist who confirmed 5 fissures, and ones at 3 and 9 o'clock. Again prescribed nifedipine, however this time I added in magnesium to soften the stools.

Anyway it was kind of healing and I went away on holiday, forgot my magnesium, ate bad and by the end I was ripping it every time I went, lots of blood, in agony, unable to sit down or walk.

So the next day I got back home I went back onto 250mg of magnesium, did the nifedipine 3 times a day, drank lots of water and today marks 2 months without pain. After so long without bing able to even walk or sit I have been out running, hiking, biking. I am a new man.

I think the nifedipine is amazing for relaxing the internal sphincter but also magnesium for keeping the stools constantly soft so that it doesn't tear every time, allowing it to heal.

Good luck everyone, I feel your pain. Lets heal together :-)
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Re: 4 years, 2 episodes..finally smiling. My tips

Postby mmklinemm » 19 Jun 2014, 07:28

I started taking ZMA last week after reading one of your other posts. I think it has helped a lot. Do/Did you use miralax, too? I see so many people on here using it every day. I don't have a problem with hard stool, so I'm not sure I need miralax. I'd prefer to stick to just the ZMA, if possible. Thanks!
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