50 Shades of Grey On My Fissure

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50 Shades of Grey On My Fissure

Postby Avery » 19 Jan 2016, 22:18

This may seem like an obvious question, but I was wondering if anybody can tell me what an anal fissure looks like as it's healing? Over the past several months, mine has gradually faded from near black to faint gray. Then, with the help of Rectiv, it finally softened into a dark pink line.

Until a few days ago, that is. Seemingly without any cause, my fissure once again looked like an ugly, dark gray streak that I was hoping I would never have to see again. My BMs haven't been particularly soft, but they haven't been particularly hard either. My spasms haven't returned. (Fingers crossed.)

Maybe I'm just being desperately optimistic, but I'm wondering if maybe this reappearance of a dark gray scab-looking thing is actually part of the healing process? Is my body perhaps pushing through a new layer of skin, which is causing the gray to temporarily return? When a fissure IS finally healed, does it completely disappear, leaving no trace of its hellish existence?

Or maybe I should just start bracing myself for Botox. :roll:

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Re: 50 Shades of Grey On My Fissure

Postby Canadabum » 20 Jan 2016, 22:08

Avery....honestly I dont know what it looks like...mine was internal and i never got a really good look. Trust me, i tried everything i could to see it because like you i wanted to monitor my progress and the best way i thought would be visual.

The way I and many other track the progress of a fissure is by how you feel -- how it feels to go to the bathroom, sensations in the rectum/anus...i am no Dr. but my sense is that if you are feeling progressively better then there is a high probability that you are experiencing some amount of healing.

Visual cues can be misleading sometimes...I have some scars and I know that they changed colour while healing...at first when the area was healing it looked horrible, then calmed down and started to match the skin around it...but then settled at a redder and slightly different hue....so perhaps that is what you are seeing. Good thing is that you are feeling good and this is what i would try and focus on.

Perhaps others who have had external fissures will chime in with their experience.

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