6 week post LIS/Hem/Sentinel tag checkup

No internal exam? Incision site problems!

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6 week post LIS/Hem/Sentinel tag checkup

Postby Turk the cat » 14 Jan 2015, 14:56

Here's both very-assuring-news and a not-so-terrific-news update.

I recently had my 6 week post surgical update for my LIS/Hem's/Sentinel tag operation from Dec 2nd.

The CRS was very pleased with the LIS results, said I have "the bottom of a person twenty years younger" (why yes, flattery will get you everywhere Doctor!) and said the fissure is healed, as is LIS site. There is practically zero puffiness of LIS site, only when hard BM, just a bit for not very long.

So, yay, right? Not so fast.

When I went to the CRS I had a 50/50 feeling he might have told me I had a new fissure. Major fissure style of pain started the last few days of December, causing me to dial way back activity. I could see what looked like a fissure, but it was right beside the surgical incision line, so I thought I might have somehow aggravated the area. This is indeed the case.

CRS figures a hard BM slightly opened up the incision site (no stitches used) and although not yet 100% healed it was well on the way. This checkup would have been about 11 days from the new injury. To complicate the matter the Sentinel tag which has also been causing a lot of discomfort, and is still relatively lumpy, at times, yet nowhere near as bad as first month, pretty much rests upon/aggravates the exact spot of incision site/new injury.

Unfortunately, it seems over the past few days I've further aggravated the incision site, as renewed pain (still no pain upon BM which is nice) and I can see the site looks more "open" then before. It's my left side, about 7 o'clock. I'm hoping in another 6 weeks or sooner all this will be behind me.

Here's one thing I'm very curious about, and will be asking CRS. He examined the area but did not do an internal exam. How common is it to NOT do an internal exam? Would it have been because of the Hem's? A large part of the decision to do the LIS was to loosen my tight end, so curious he wouldn't check. Any ideas?

I am happy no fissure pain, but frankly, the renewed pain of the incision site (which is pretty much akin to how painful it was healing first few weeks post operation) with the sentinel tag being right there, is a bit wearisome. I'm trying to use just one prescription pain pill daily, along w/Tylenol 3's. I'm concerned about outer scar tissue on/near incision site could cause problems in future? Turn into fissure?

On top of this I've been struggling with some harder tipped stools and had to start up again with 1- 2 laxatives and MOM daily. I'm stopping the MOM today actually, have started a regime of probiotics (Ultimate Flora), and, at the advice of a Naturopath -- yep, saw a Naturopath just yesterday, more on that another time -- I'm going to begin to take aloe vera juice (Lily of the Desert.) as soon as I pick it up later today.

Thanks for listening! That's my story and I'm sticking with it <grin>
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Re: 6 week post LIS/Hem/Sentinel tag checkup

Postby msimon » 15 Jan 2015, 15:07

Wow, Turk's Mom that all sounds very frustrating. I have to chime in with what others on here have been telling me. That it takes a long time (up to a year) for things to be normal down there again and that there are ups and downs along the way. You had a lot done down there too.

My recovery has been a huge struggle. Pain from the incision site has always been my worst issue. 9 weeks post surgery and the thing still stings and pains me most of the day. I have had at least 3 infections and rounds of antibiotics and CRS thinks I may have a pocket/simus that formed while healing and it may need to be laid open. I can't even go there in my mind. I too have a skin tag that presses on the incision site causing a lot of the pain, I think. I see my CRS in a week and hopefully he will have some good news for me.

I wish I had some more advice for you. I, personally would stick with the MOM or some other softener or magnesium until you are at least 6 months symptom free. There really is no harm in that. As for the future, we have to try to take things one day at a time and let the future unfold in time. I have been really working on this myself as I am a huge worrier. I have gotten into Tibetian meditation/teachings (look up Jack Kornfield-I have numerous audiobooks) that are really helping me get through this mentally.

Does your sphincter feel looser to you? Any leakage issues or spasms? Maybe you could try one of the ointments to help heal your reinjury faster? I have had to go back on nifedipine as the LIS never totally took care of my spasms. Do you take warm baths. They really help me.
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Re: 6 week post LIS/Hem/Sentinel tag checkup

Postby owmybum » 15 Jan 2015, 17:18

Sorry to see things are taking so long. It gets to be an uphill struggle after surgery sometimes. Keep going... You'll get there.
I'd be very interested in what the neuropath had to say if you don't mind sharing.

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Re: 6 week post LIS/Hem/Sentinel tag checkup

Postby Roidsfizzman » 15 Jan 2015, 18:49


On your question about an internal exam after LIS, my CRS did not want to use a scope for a internal exam after 6 weeks because it could cause damage to the fissure or incision site. I went back for a 3 month check up and she wanted to use a scope, but I chose not to do the scope as I was making progress and did not want to take any chances. Very nice to see that you are making progress. Try to keep the stools soft for the next 3 to 4 months and you will be on the road to recovery. I also have trouble with the hard stool tips and I have never found anything that is full proof to stop the problem.
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