Advice needed

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Advice needed

Postby Lowtower » 09 Jan 2016, 03:58

Good Morning All

Great site and Its been a massive help to me so thanks to all for that :) :thankyou:

I'm due to go for surgery for my fistula on Thursday (5 days away) its been a long drawn out process to get this far but I've woke up this morning and I'm slightly swelling up again as if abscess is due again - what do I do now ? Do I wait until Thursday or phone the hospital now ? The Docs are shut as its Saturday morning.

From speaking with my surgeon he told me they aren't sure what they are going to do as the fistula is between two muscles so the plan is to open me up (eek) and have a look, he's warned me it is going to be a pretty bad one (whatever that means ?) :groan:

Another bit of advice if possible please ? How were you after surgery ? How long was it until you were able to continue normal life again ? I'm a bit nervous (really scared to be honest :lol: ) as I've never had any surgery of any sort before so its kinda taken over my every thought lol

Anyway thanks for reading and I'm sorry if its a bit self pitying but I am really nervous x
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Re: Advice needed

Postby Savaici » 09 Jan 2016, 21:22

:wel: to the Forum! Glad you found us; sorry you had to :groan:

The best I can do is give you this link to various posts on here with the heading of fistula surgery and hope you'll find something to help you among them. Also, hope someone comes in who has had the surgery and reply. :smilyhug:

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