Amount of bleeding/blood?

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Amount of bleeding/blood?

Postby ceylon190 » 06 Jun 2016, 21:45

Hi everyone,

When people talk of seeing blood on toilet paper or in their stool, how much blood is it for everyone?

I used to have an anal fissure which meant that I would have bright red blood, about a quarter inch blob on toilet paper. The end of the feces would also have a red streak from the fissure.

Now, with just hemorrhoids I have a 1-2mm spot of very light pink once or twice a week, only on the toilet paper. Most of the time, there is no pain or discomfort with the bowel movement even though there is this tiny amount of blood.

I wonder if this amount of blood is ok, so long as it does not progress again to the fissure or worse. I've visited several colorectal doctors, and some of them recommended LIS pretty strongly, even though I can manage the condition now.
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Re: Amount of bleeding/blood?

Postby thatpinoydude » 15 Jun 2016, 07:35

I also have streaks of blood from the fissure i had, there are also spots/drips of blood after emptying my bowel.

The hardest part of it is washing it where i have to manually push the roids up and the fissure (really painful), i end up squeezing them up which squishes blood out from the fissure.

I am currentlt 4 days post op from LIS, hemorrhoidopexy and hemorrhoidectomy. No visible blood now, minimal pain and no more prolapse! Hope it stays this way.

I can tell you to go for the surgery if you can, which was a choice i could have done earlier!

Be well.
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