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Anal fissure advise

Postby star68 » 02 Mar 2020, 03:54

Hi, I have always suffered from anal fissures but the bad bouts of pain and spasms after a BM with hours of pain afterwards I get it once every couple of years, I eventually manage to heal them with fiber cereal and witch hazel water and Preparation-A ointment. This time around it's proven to be harder to heal. I tried flanxseed meal, soaked prunes, porridge, fruit, I have sitz baths twice/three times a day especially after bowel movement, apply different things like Manuka Honey, zinc oxide ointment, coconut oil, I am trying everything, I can't put nitroglycerin ointment because of the headaches afterwards. My question is, what kind of diet helped you heal the fissure? For how long did you do the diet to start feeling improvements? What routine creams/ointments soothed your fissure? Thank you :)
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Re: Anal fissure advise

Postby patience_and_healing » 12 Mar 2020, 11:54

If you have recurrent chronic fissures I suggest you get checked out by a colorectal specialist. Self treatment can only get you so far. Applying too many things on the anal tissue can also irritate it.

For me, nifedipine ointment with Botox was the solution. Also plenty of water, avoiding foods that make BMs bulky like too much fiber, daily miralax and regular exercise. I stopped sitz baths after a while because they were annoying.
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