Anal fissure symptoms-could it be rectal cancer?

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Anal fissure symptoms-could it be rectal cancer?

Postby Jimoffy » 09 Oct 2017, 21:41

Hey guys. I’ve been suffering from fissures (multiple it feels like) for years now. I’m 24 and it started when i was 21, ( had this same feeling about 6 years ago but it went away after 6 weeks, this time it never went!) where I poop and if it’s hard I get sharp pains around my anus ( feels like 3 or 4 spots that hurt) followed by hours of throbbing cramping pain deeper up in my anus, then it subsides.

Gp had a quick look a while ago and saw it was a fissure and put me on movicol ( miralax ) which I’m still on, which helps so much keeping my stools soft. Sometimes I’ll get the throbbing an hour after I poop but I don’t get pain while I pass a stool when taking movicol, only sometimes after for a bit.

Anyway I’m getting a colonoscopy done now, he said there’s a chance I may have ibd, or even rectal cancer!!? I don’t have any other symptoms, apart from if I eat spicy food the next morning I’ll be on the toilet sometimes for an hour or 2, gives me stomach burning cramps and I’ll poop about 3 times, each poop getting softer until it’s all out, then I’ll feel better. I also get discomfort sometimes if I eat to much fibre the day before. But this is rare, and I think it’s normal, or may be ibs.. anyway I’m wondering if recital cancer is a possibility, I’m 24 and don’t pass blood or anything anymore, although I had a tiny bit of blood a couple years ago when it first started, after a real hard stool. And it would only be a coin size worth on the toilet paper.
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Re: Anal fissure symptoms-could it be rectal cancer?

Postby Mypoorbutt » 10 Oct 2017, 09:30

Doctors like to check any prolonged colon issues. I never had pain when having a BM with my fissure my pain started about 20 mins to and hour after and could last for up to 24 hours....agonising spasms. IBS can have so many symptoms that it's really difficult for docs to diagnose so the easy option for them is to rule out anything else more sinister such as cancer or IBD.
I have crohns and IBS and for me the difference is with my crohns I can go up to 30 times a day till it's literally just blood. With my IBS I go until whatever it was that irritated my colon is out of my system so about 3/6 times in about 5 hours.
Don't worry about the colonoscopy, it's never as bad as we think and if you tell them you have an active fissure they can use the smaller scope.
Good luck
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