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Anal fissure

Postby Roses24 » 19 Aug 2016, 18:42

I have had an anal fissure before and it was visable years ago. I now have the exact same symptoms but my gp couldnt see anything so sent me for a sigmoidoscope to rule out haemorrhoids of which there was none but this dr was also unable to see a fissure, she said it may be in the folds so unable to see.

My gp is currently reluctant to treat the fissure as she cant see it and wants to wait the results of biopsies which take weeks and im already in a lot of pain with bleeding and have been for a while.
So im really asking is it possible to have a fissure that is not visable as im 100% sure thats whats wrong as its the same symptoms as last time and so far every other test has come up negative
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Re: Anal fissure

Postby Mypoorbutt » 20 Aug 2016, 04:02

I think it is possible as I have 2 fissures one which was just about visible with anoscope exam but the other one they didn't see until I went for my Botox and fissurotomy apparently it was hid behind a very large hem so maybe one could be hid in the folds.
I think if you have had fissure pain before it's pretty unmistakable especially if you are having spasms and bleeding, could they not give you some cream like GTN as it's not like steroid cream that thins the area and if it works then it's highly likely it's a fissure
Hope you get sorted soon
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