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Postby siscanx5 » 24 May 2015, 19:39

So symptoms all started about 7 weeks ago, about a week after getting 4 wisdom teeth pulled and taking 800mg of ibuprofen every 6 to 8 hours(never once do i remember being constipated or passing a hard stool!), i waited a week to go to the doctor.I had leakage to the point of keeping toilet paper stuck around there at all times it was just a clear fluid though, i had a little blood.But was at the peak of my pain during a bowel movement(never have i had pain after a BM). So at that time i was diagnosed with a anal fissure from my primary doctor. She then prescribed me .05% Nifedipine and 2% Lidocaine ointment and to stick with a high fiber diet, then to follow up with her in a week. The ointment did absolutely nothing for me, no relief or healing at all. so i followed up with her and she said there was no more she can do and sent to a specialist that specializes in surgeries to heal these and she goes on talking about surgery and the process of it, she put me in complete shock, made me feel like there in so other way of healing this. So i decided to take maters into my own hands and create a strict diet, and started taking Miralax(which work wonders). So i made my appointment two weeks ahead to go see the specialist, and during that time i developed a sentinel pile. i started using coconut oil and applying that up there and that stopped the leaking, i started sitting on a heating pad after every bowel movement, i had my good days and i had my bad days, but i had soft BM every day, once a day. So i go to see the Specialist and i tell him how its improved and how long iv had it and he takes just a look at it and says not only do i have one but i have two, one in the front and one in the back. and starts to talk about Botox and a bunch of percentages lol. i was in even more shock hearing it from him. i thought i was improving, so i just left there still in shock btw im a 19 year old girl who has never even heard of this being possible, of course. then it hits me and i realize im not done trying to do this on my own. not being able to heal these small tears completely on my own frustrated me so i called the nurse up and had him prescribe me Nitroglycerin .3% and to follow up with that in 3 weeks, so i changed my diet to all good liquids, beans,rice,greens, any boring food you can think of, my stool was completely soft! but i was still having pain but at this point little to no blood. im little over a week in to applying that nitroglycerin 3 times a day i cant tell if its working or not , about 2 days ago i went to walgreens and picked up something called Bacitraycin Plus its for healing infections and cuts. and it has aloe in it. so iv been using that and i almost think its helping iv had little to no pain free BM's the past two days. im just afraid im just having a couple "good" days. i know i will not quit my diet till months after healing because i would not take that chance. but i want to say iv been constantly giving myself the benefit of the doubt,i have my youth, i have not seen blood in my stool or tp in weeks, i only have pain with the first contact with my stool the rest comes out smooth and pain free,i can apply my bacitraycin directly up there right after a BM with no pain. iv been having these results for over 3 weeks now. I am not afraid of having botox, i just feel like im not done trying to heal this on my own. i just havent heard anyone speak of having two fissures and healing it without having a procedure done, and i would hate to put my body in the state it was in when i acquired this fissure(undergoing anesthetic & taking pain meds). im not miserable, im frustrated and determined. please give advice,tips,tricks, or simply encouragement.
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Postby jlm1 » 25 May 2015, 14:31

Hang in there! These fissures can be so debilitating! Make sure you are eating enough protein too. Protein helps heal tissue. I am not a doctor though so anything I tell you is from my mom (who is a nurse) or my own experience/research. While I wouldn't go out and eat a bunch of cheeseburgers or junk. I would make sure you are getting enough nutrients and a varied diet. Here are some of the supplements I have found to be helpful: magnesium, stool softener, sea buckthorn oil, vitamin d and e, probiotics. I find a travel bidet, you can get on amazon, to be very helpful for cleaning up after a BM and only use wipes. I take a hot bath every night. Aloe vera juice is a great thing as is prune juice. Also, if you can get a piece of an aloe plant and put a piece of it in anus it;s very soothing and has healing qualities. Botox is a really simple procedure that can be done right in the office and it helped me a great deal. Might be an option for you. Good luck and keep us posted!
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hoping I am healing
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