anal rectal pain

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anal rectal pain

Postby sfcharm917 » 23 Jul 2016, 21:38

Hi all, new to this forum.. I have had anal/rectal pain on and off over the last year and a half. I have a history of some fissures. Never had any surgery for them as they always healed. I have had pelvic MRI's to look for fistulas, never found any. A year ago this past May saw a Colo-rectal surgeon at University of Pa and she saw nothing that stood out. The pain was so bad last May that I had to take OXycodone for the pain. It was only after they put me on Cipro and flagyl for a week, the pain disappeared. Two weeks ago I saw another Colorectal surgeon in San Francisco where I live. She said that I had some scar tissue in my anal canal, asked if I'd had any surgeries. I never did, but I've had three colonoscopies in ten years. I understand that can cause scar tissue?? Does it?

She said if the pain happens again she will do a special MRI to check for a fistula. She said the MRI I had done wasn't what she uses. She said if the pain starts I need to call her office and they will get me right in.. My questions are does the pain sound like fistula pain" Or could it be scar tissue from previous fissures??? Thank YOu.
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Re: anal rectal pain

Postby Canadabum » 25 Jul 2016, 15:22

sfcharm917 -- Welcome to the forum and sorry to hear about all the pain you are dealing with.

In my experience scar tissue can cause pain when it stretches -- some who have extensive scar tissue do dilation to help keep the passage as wide open as possible and keep the skin ya, it can be the source of some pain and annoyance.

That said -- from what you describe it sounds like you are having extreme pain and that it is not always there but rather comes and goes...I am not a Dr. so please take what I say with a huge pile of salt...but sounds to me like you have something else going on.

As for the MRI -- why not call the Dr. office and tell them that the pain is slowly beginning and that you would like the test to explore what it is before it gets too bad....part of this is a suggestion and part question - I don't know if there are any possible side effects from doing an MRI or how expensive it may be....but if done you will be able to rule out (or in) a number of possible reasons.

Keep us posted.
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