Anyone had fissure this brutal?

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Anyone had fissure this brutal?

Postby KittyChrist » 16 Jul 2023, 20:01

Hello, I dont even know how to word this atm, so Ill try my best.

Currently. There is a fissure left side of sphincter. After BM i get covered with stress hives that look like blisters. Also when i sit down in a hot tub I get covered with hives. The fissure starts throbbing. Really pumping making my whole stomach pump. The throbbing also happens in left shoulder...near the neck and left bicep. I get the same throbbing effect after applying rectogesic. My left buttock and left lower back burn and become stiff like a rock. I get pulsating pain thru my right leg, thru my the knee into the center of the foot. And left heel sore. Used to get pain under left rib as well.

I been searching and looking on the internet, but there is nothing about what im experiencing atm.

I can't do much with my life, my whole left side gets all stressed and tight. Im exhausted from this. My mood goes all depressive and I dont wanna do anything or talk to anyone. Im just sressed from it constantly. Im limited to standing up, walking and laying in bed.

My lumbur xrays and blood tests are good. Some days id go to sauna. and do 20 min sauna, ice cold shower, 10 min cold swimming pool, 20 min warm bath, and do that for couple of hours and feel a lot better after.

Point is im really-really freaking out. Doctors and hospital havent been much help and i cannot afford a specialist.
Doctors and hospital sent me boxes and bottles of different laxatives. Even after me telling them that the laxatives is how i got fissure in the first place. Every time i used their stupid laxatives it reopened and weeks of effort have been undone.

I wonder if its a bad reaction to rectogesic. I do use it a bit. Migraines are gone, but this whole throbbing business in the whole left side and gut is freaky.
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Re: Anyone had fissure this brutal?

Postby chachacha » 17 Jul 2023, 10:05

It sounds like a lot more than a fissure is going on with you. I don't know where you're located, but is there any way to get a stretched-out payment plan for the specialist that you have been referred to? Or go back to your doctors and hospital and see someone else? Or tell them that they need to recommend something more than boxes of laxatives? Do you get relief from these symptoms at any point? In other words, do these things happen right after a bowel movement and then resolve hours later? Until the next one? A doctor really needs to sit down with you and give you more than they have already.
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