Anyone here healed with Nitro cream?

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Re: Anyone here healed with Nitro cream?

Postby Kingfish » 22 Jun 2018, 08:39

patience_and_healing wrote:No I haven't 'healed' as such, but I'm better off than one year ago. I'm working on healing through physical therapy and dilation. The doctor told me to lay off nifedipine because she suspected it was causing hypersensitivity. If I do have days when I need to use it then I only apply it externally.

If you're having watery BMs I suggest using a barrier cream beforehand like zinc oxide or vasline until you can get them to be firmer again. A soluble fiber like benefiber is also helpful for firming. Try a low dose at first like one teaspoon with breakfast.

I do use the barrier creams when BM's get too frequent or watery. Barrier creams do seem to protect the area somewhat better. I do also use coconut oil when I can and it also seems to sooth the area somewhat. I make my own coconut suppositories by using a coffee bean silicon mould tray in which I fill with coconut oil and freeze. Just pop one out when I need to apply it and it is quite soothing.

I was taking Fiber every day but always felt like it was making the stools too large. I switched to Miralax and it caused me less bloating. You just have to be careful and get the correct dosage for you or risk runny stools which is not good. I will try to eventually switch over to Magnesium as I did before. I think it will be just as effective once the correct dose is accheived as well as being better for you overall.
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