Anyone want to hear my story?

26 yro female with anal fissure

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Anyone want to hear my story?

Postby bionerd » 08 Feb 2016, 13:32

Hi everyone, I just discovered this forum today and I am so glad I did. This all began this past October when i noticed there was blood on the toilet paper when I had a bowel movement. My physician thought it was a hemorrhoid and just told me to increase my fiber intake. However, after 2 months the bleeding didn't stop so I got a CT scan but they didn't find anything abnormal. But the bleeding didn't stop so I went to see a gastroenterologist. The PA gastroenterologist thought it was an internal hemorrhoid and again told me to keep taking metamucil. After another month or so of seeing blood with every bowel movement I was freaking out. I know colon cancer or rectal cancer is uncommon at 26 yro but I was still really worried so I insisted on getting a colonoscopy. Fortunately, the colonoscopy showed that I had an anal fissure in the anal canal. I always thought anal fissure occurred externally at the anus so I was really surprised that anal fissures could occur inside the canal. The bleeding had went away for about 1 week especially when I was on miralax for my colon prep. It officially came back today and I am devastated and feel so hopeless. My physician prescribed a compounded medication so I will try that soon and I hope that works. I'm already on a healthy diet and I drink plenty of water but my stool still seems hard. I don't understand why the fissure won't go away. Can anyone offer some words of encouragement? For those with anal fissure, are your fissure external or internal?

BTW I'm been fortunate that I haven't experienced any excruciating pain just some discomfort after a bowel movement but not pain.
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Re: Anyone want to hear my story?

Postby Johnny91 » 08 Feb 2016, 14:27

If you don't experience any pain then don't worry too much about it... Most of us face everyday pain and thats the main problem with fissures. Blood though could be due to hemorrhoids if it isn't too much. You are very lucky and you can probably deal with it in time.
Don't overdo it with fibers, drink a lot of water, try stool softeners like lactulose or macrogols if you have very hard stools.
If you become constipated for some reason try mineral oil for some days.
Check your daily diet and add/remove new food and figure out what helps most.
My top favourite most helpful foods are Butter beans, chickpeas, eggplants & fatty pork/chicken. Try eating apples & oranges, they've been very helpful in my hard situations.
Keep calm though, besides the pain you have nothing else to worry about this thing.
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