Back with a vengeance.


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Back with a vengeance.

Postby Voltaire » 14 Mar 2016, 18:56

Well, I have been having AF issues for about 2 years now off and on, I have only had them been small ones and not that big of an issue, but this one has be on edge. I am not sure if I am just paranoid or should worry, felt like this would be the best place for actually accounts of information and perspective.

So, about 4 days ago I had a decently large BM, blood on stool and light pink to wine colored blood on toilet paper that of course gets the heart racing. I have been several times since then and everytime, blood, blood, blood. Sometimes small amounts others like a fresh tear. I have only had one last maybe a day or two then it has cleared or healed, this has got me to the point of insanity and anxiety because it just keeps bleeding, whether hard or soft blood. To be fair, the stool looks grooved and hard, but seems to pass without pain usually, near the entrance I can feel that all familiar pulling and stretching ache that lets me know a fissure is there and just spikes my nerves into a frenzy.

Now, one thing and this is going to be I guess embarrassing is I was scratching one night, pretty close to the entrance of the anus and I am almost wondering is if I actually damaged is decently to have the BM next morning rip it open again or I caused it myself by scratched so deep.

I just went and got some benefibre, which usually helps and have started taking it again today. I know it is a fissure because I can feel the itching inside near the anus, not sure if that means it is scabbing and healing or just an annoying reminder it is there.

I have had a colonoscopy about a year and a half ago, so I know it is nothing major, but it always sends my brain for a nice paranoid trip down symptom lane at full speed.

I guess feedback would be greatly appreciated, like I said, I have always got 1 to 2 day ones then heal, but this has lasted for about 3 or 4 days and is making my bathroom trips terrifying.

Also, some questions for you guys, how long do AF usually last, how much blood, what color?

Thank you guys for reading this, it is quite hard to discuss this with people because they think you are crazy or just laugh and say don't worry. they don't really understand the toll it takes on your psyche.
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Re: Back with a vengeance.

Postby Savaici » 15 Mar 2016, 14:39

If you are worried, and the pain is increasing, the best suggestion is a trip to your GP, or a colon and rectal surgeon. You might have an infection from the scratching, but only a doctor would know for sure.

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