Bleeding without pain vs. pain without bleeding.

I'm wondering what your BM looks like.

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How does your BM go?

Blood and pain.
Blood without pain.
Pain without blood.
No blood and no pain.
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Bleeding without pain vs. pain without bleeding.

Postby Ani » 11 Jun 2019, 16:15

Hey everyone!

Unfortunately a lot of people bleed and have pain during a BM. Though I also read stories about people who have no pain, but do bleed during a BM and people who have pain but don't bleed. I'm wondering how prevalent these groups are and how they're related to healing. Are most people pain-free before the bleeding stops, vice versa or do they go hand-in-hand until the end?

I'm free of pain and blood at the moment. I was pain-free since more than 4-6 weeks ago, but the bleeding only stopped (no noticeable blood on stool) a week ago.

What do your BM's look like? And for the people with healed fissure(s), what was the order of healing?

20/01: Slowly healing fissure-like wound due to surgery
11/03: Started Diltiazem.
07/06: Barely any pain or blood, but it's not fully healed yet.
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Re: Bleeding without pain vs. pain without bleeding.

Postby Cez » 11 Jun 2019, 17:52

Pain ,sometimes throbbing, without bleeding. I healed from a fissure years ago ,but forget stages of healing as I was more focused on another health issue. The fissure eventually healed on it's own after 1 and 1/2 years.
My current bowel mvmts are usually tan colored ,soft and long.***however i had bad pain today after easy BM.
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Re: Bleeding without pain vs. pain without bleeding.

Postby Pita89 » 12 Jun 2019, 14:33

I've had a fissure for 3 months. Haven't had blood in at least 2 months, but even when I did, it was never more than just a small streak on the wipe after a BM.

My pain level is off the charts most days regardless of the lack of blood. I've learned that trying to make sense of fissures is a joke. They're awful, unpredictable, and highly variable person to person.

Glad you're pain free. I hope it continues!
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Re: Bleeding without pain vs. pain without bleeding.

Postby Bloodybum » 13 Jun 2019, 08:43

When I first got my fissure, I was constipated for several days (BM was a little hard but main thing I think was my sphincter was just like nope closed for business). I strained quite a bit during that time, and when I finally got unplugged I bled a lot. After three or four weeks bleeding stopped but pain remained.
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